Xbox Release Statement About Power Consumption

Xbox Culture:

Two weeks ago we published an article, 'Xbox One Users Consume Same Amount of Electricity as Houston, Texas', regarding the Instant-On ability of the Xbox One and the power it consumes when switched 'off'.

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ninsigma1752d ago

I never thought of power consumption as something that was improved on over the years. It's good to know they are putting focus on a lot of aspects of their console when considering their system updates.

LackTrue4K1752d ago

Just add some large solar panels on top of the XboxOne, it's large enough to hold them.

GenuineGamer1752d ago

Yeah its nice it sits under my tv in my cabinet perfect an looks awesome with the glowing X logo. And its got wicked vents so keeps nice and cool and is real quiet. My 2.5" external hdd is louder than my xbox and it aint loud.

Personally i think its a great size and if that's the tradeoff for awesome cooling im cool with that ;)

TOTSUKO1752d ago

Solar panels? Seriously?

The power of the cloud will solve all of its power consumption problems. The cloud will process most of computation because clouds somehow have CPU's

Xbox One getting too hot? Im sure there will be an update where the cloud can drop rain on the console. Shoot, the cloud might as well end the California drought.

u4one1752d ago

thankfully its quiet and doesn't overheat. funny enough the ps3 was super quiet and the 360 was kinda noisy.... now the ps4 is noisier than the xbox one.

comebackkid98911752d ago

They're waiting till e3 to reveal it.

awi59511752d ago


Oh please ha ha i havent forgot the power of cell either sony fanboys. God im glad i went pc only this gen i dont miss you stupid fanboys and your console wars at all.

dantesparda1752d ago


"funny enough the ps3 was super quiet and the 360 was kinda noisy.... now the ps4 is noisier than the xbox one."

Is that why they both 40 decibels when you are sitting close to them when they are idling and 40-42db when gaming if you are sitting within 1 to 3 meters away from them? The only time the PS4 sounds louder is when your are close to it while gaming. Otherwise they sound the same.

Dee_911752d ago

if they add solar panels on the top where am i suppose to park my hummer? I think a better solution would to be to bolt them to the sides. I may have to add a west wing to my house but it would be worth it imo

Syntax-Error1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Another Sony fan that just wants to find a joke to interject.

badz1491752d ago


"Noisy" is nowhere close to describe the PS4. Nice try! Whoever is saying the PS4 is noisy, clearly doesn't own one. The original 360 was noisy, loud even, but the PS4 is just as much as quiet as the PS3. I should know because I still have them both hooked up and play them regularly.

magiciandude1752d ago

A gaming PC can easily outsize an Xbox One multiple times over, and there are BluRay players bigger than an Xbox One. I don't see how size is that much of an issue for most people.

bmf73641751d ago

The size is for the VCR update that they're waiting for E3 to reveal. Solar panels are just silly... The vent on top is for hydroelectric power. Pour water into it to save outlet power consumption on the system

samchez771751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )


Case size does not automatically mean better cooling.

A larger case design is more often than not indicative of cheaper, less efficient component design and airflow orientation.

solid_snake36561751d ago

I don't have an xbone, but it would match well with my high end home theater system. Ps4 kinda looks strange because of it's design, but I still love it.

modelgod1751d ago Show
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Geoff9001752d ago

The Xbox One is very very software orientated, so everything can be updated.

jebabcock1752d ago


You realize that Every console, phone, tablet, desktop PC, etc. are all VERY software oriented...

rainslacker1752d ago

Funny...thought the Xbox One was hardware.

Geoff9001752d ago

@Jebabcock, not to the extent whereby you can change the hardware's power consumption, that is that severs and certain workstations are able to do.

Revolver_X_1751d ago

Holy sh!t Geoff. Microsoft has you completely brainwashed.

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Big power brick mes-industry-is-being-subverted /

GenuineGamer1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Dont u think it makes sense to put a hot power brick outside the console so it doesnt heat up the console? And it sits on the ground or hidden behind your tv so why the heck does it matter laptops have power bricks too.

Its not like your looking behind ur tv at a power brick while gaming ur looking at the tv i dont get why this is a bad thing.

Anything to try put down xbox tho yeh?

rainslacker1752d ago

I don't disagree with you GG, but when you have several devices that have big power bricks, then it does get rather cramped behind the cabinet.

Power bricks are generally used to prevent interference introduced by the conversion of AC to DC current. While heat is an issue in this conversion, it's not the reason that they aren't integrated into the device. In other cases it's for weight with laptops.

GenuineGamer1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

You make a fair point rainslacker. I think its good for the console that this part is external but i see what you saying :)

Edit @badz149

The 360 was defective because it was rushed through testing to get to the market. They ironed out the issues with newer versions of the console most notably the jasper version.

Now you praise Sony for doing it since the ps2 yet all of Sonys consoles tend get pretty hot. both my ps3 consoles would get extremely hot and my ps2 was no different.

MS CAN do it. If you look back the og xbox had an internal power supply. And you would think it would be cheaper to incorporate it inside the console rather than making a separate piece no?

MS have done extensive tests when making xbo so as not to make the same mistake as the 360. Massive cooling and external power brick make sense for reliability.

Maybe you should think a little hmm?

badz1491752d ago


"Dont u think it makes sense to put a hot power brick outside the console so it doesnt heat up the console?"

And yet the 360 is the most defective console in history despite having its power brick on the outside! Sony has proven it from time to time since the PS2 but here you are, still talking about internal power brick doesn't make sense? LOL talk about being thick headed. It's all about the art of hardware design and just because MS couldn't do it, doesn't mean it doesn't make sense!

Comparing consoles to laptops? Like seriously? Getting a little desperate, aren't ya? Laptops are made for portability and the makers and users alike would want the weight to be shaven off for as much as posssible from the main body. You really think ultra thin laptops like the Macbook Air is possible with internal power brick? Think for a little, will ya?

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1751d ago

The angled design of the PS4 is perfectly designed... for being a doorstop when the external PSU fails out of warranty, and the "sleek" design really looks great with all those messy cables and USB devices sticking out of the only two USB ports ON THE FRONT.

Sony fans always seem to slight the XBox for how it is actually better (AKA "spin"), such as claiming that replaceable AA batteries are worse than internal rechargeables that are so short lasting that they might as well call the DualShock 4 a wired controller with temporary wireless that requires they buy more controllers to replace batteries when they wear out.

andibandit1751d ago


Yeah the battery life is somewhat short on the DS4, thinking about replacing them with some batteries with higher capacity, since my only seem to hold 3-4 hours worth of charge.
To anyone wanting to suggest i go Wired: "You need to go shoot yourself in the face"

Ahmay1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

go to controller settings and dim/turn off light will prob help a little.

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Blaze9291752d ago

So we complaining about $15 a year now? Wow....

But the system is $349.99...honestly.

"Xbox One Users Consume Same Amount of Electricity as Houston, Texas"


Eidolon1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

I understood it this way.. the combined power consumption of every Xbox One owners' Xbox One is greater than that of general home power consumption of the entire city of Houston, Texas.

Azmatik1752d ago

I live in Ontario Canada one of the worst places ever for hydro prices. This means something to me, as i am a grown man and pay my own bills.

_-EDMIX-_1752d ago

Its what happened with their revisions last gen. When making a new sku, ie Elite's, slims etc, they may use smaller cpus, using up less power. Over time, the systems made later on, are more efficient then the sku's first created.

That happened last gen and is again happening this gen.

Eddie201011752d ago

Sony didn't have the problem to start with. Microsoft is working on the problem a year and a half in and after being called out for it.

Sony, so dumb not having a problem to fix.

xtremeimport1752d ago

I have a power consumption joke about never turning my xbox on...but that just makes me look like a jackass.

In truth, i haven't turned either system on lately. Too damn busy and nothing good enough to pull me in.

Halo2ODST21751d ago

I know what you mean , i use my 360 more than the ONE due to it's lack of games.

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Strikepackage Bravo1752d ago

We have an endless supply of hydro power where I live, this is not a priority for me. Frankly Id rather see MS resources used on more game related issues.

KwietStorm1752d ago

Well that's not ignorant, self entitled, or nearsighted at all.

RiPPn1752d ago

Must be nice being the only person in your world..

nitus101752d ago

It does not matter what the source of your power is, it really boils down to how much you consume and how much does it cost you.

If it costs you nothing then someone else must be paying for it since it is not free. Before you say "solar" someone has to pay for the array and possibly it's installation.

Thefreeman0121752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

My PC, Xbox and ps4 are all connected to a power strip I usually turn off when I leave my room .. Try to save money where I can

Testfire1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

It used to be once you turn off an electronic device, it was off, no more power draw. Everything now seems to still use power once turned off and unfortunately switching off the power strip or unplugging the device is the only way to ensure the device stops drawing power. Manufactures need to start making changes, I understand that devices need power sometimes to save settings but let the consumer choose.

deadpoolio3161752d ago

You do know that everything plugged in has always constantly drawn power right? There literally was never a time when something was off when it was off, since the beginning of time if something is plugged in on or off it still draws a small amount of electricity.....

WeAreLegion1752d ago

Manufacturers have made MASSIVE changes. Power consumption on newer electronics is so much better than it has been in the past. Companies actively try to become greener.

UnHoly_One1752d ago

I'm a total drain on power then compared to you.

My ps4 is in rest mode and I haven't used it for 6 months. My xb1 is in standby or turned on at all times, I've got a PC in the house that does nothing but house my music collection for my Sonos speakers to access and it's never turned off, etc, etc...

I don't have the time to be turning things completely off and booting things up from scratch constantly.

I make up for it by having ridiculously expensive LED lights all over the house instead of standard bulbs, though. :D

EvilWay1752d ago

I have not noticed my electric bill going up any of once I bought mine a bout a year ago

SunnyZ1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

A fridge uses more power than an xbox.
Every house has 1 or 2 fridges/freezers.

This is just such a non-issue I'm surprised they even responded to it.

Just saying...

Thefreeman0121752d ago

Keeping food from perishing, playing video games. Ones a necessity and the other a luxury.

Trying to conserve energy is always an issue..

Volkama1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

It isn't even "playing videogames", it's background downloads and the ability to turn the console on without pressing any buttons (before pressing a button to turn on the controller anyway).

I'm eco-soldier, but it's certainly not the same as keeping a fridge running.

rainslacker1752d ago

The highest power consuming device in a house it the furnace, heat pump, or AC. The 2nd highest is a dryer, although it doesn't run all the time, but the fridge comes in 3rd.

I think the cost of running either the X1 or the PS4 at full power for a full 30 days came up to less than $2 a month. May not seem like much, but in the interest of conservation, when you add up $2 over 30 million consoles, that's $20 million a month worth of power. Assuming of course that all of them ran 100% 24/7...which we all know they don't.