Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Performance Video

A video which looks at how well Rainbow Six Siege performs in a live gameplay scenario looking at the Alpha test currently running on the PC.

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THC CELL1754d ago

oh no not the curse of the lean walk again
rainbow six black arrow days prevented that now its back ahhh

wakeNbake1753d ago

Looks cool lately Ive been craving a more tactical, squad based shooter, so this should be good long as Ubisoft doesnt pull a Ubisoft.

josephayal1753d ago

seem as if it is just another generic shooter

Allsystemgamer1753d ago

Setting up barricades to prevent the other team from entry isn't generic. Run and gun is generic. Rainbow is far from that

camel_toad1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Only been playing the alpha for a day but it's definitely not generic. All of the characters making up the 2 opposing teams have their own speciality - like toxic gas, reinforced barricades, jammers etc. Its really fun especially if you ever loved counter-strike or the old rainbow six singleplayer games.

The biggest surprise to me so far is how everyone on the team naturally stacks up like you see real swat teams do. People even seem to set off their surrounding breaches nearly simultaneously making for some awesome siege moments. Not used to pubs with actual teamwork but this game so far seems to successfully make it happen.

Lots of fun.

sevilha821753d ago

There´s nothing generic about tactical shooters,not for the past 7/8 years at least,it´s good to see some shooters coming back to origins.Pure teamplay with lots of comunication,brains and skill,it´s a very welcome adittion to an oversatureted market of run and gun shooters.

At least for me anyway.

IrishSt0ner1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Within the first minute playing in the Alpha I just knew... the hype is real, this game is what I've been waiting for. It's more brutal than CounterStrike, so much more realistic.

Ran smooth 60fps for me, the graphics are not E3 great but it honestly doesn't matter with such superb gameplay... still lots of time for polish too.

Plenty of bugs and the like, but the core mechanics are spot on.

After my first session this went straight to my most anticipated game, over everything.

camel_toad1753d ago

Couldnt agree more. Very nice change of pace from the typical fps.

Dogswithguns1753d ago

Rainbow Six used to be my fave, played all the time. after Black Arrow, it was done.. If this bring a good time back, then I'm back.

THC CELL1753d ago

agreed getting out of the garage you needed skill, airport also was great throwing nades over the roof and hitting randoms, cafe remember the binliner that was bullet proof and bomb proof.

one of the most skilled games on console black arrow was

along with wolfenstine beach invasion

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