5 Crazy Things Nintendo’s NX Could Be

Ever since Nintendo confirmed the existence of the NX project, pie-eyed fans have been spreading rumors about what the company’s next hardware is and what it means for the future of Nintendo. Theories such as a 2016 launch date, the Wii U being officially dead, and the upcoming The Legend of Zelda game becoming an NX launch title are being wildly thrown about. The conventional assumption about the NX is it is a next-gen console that will compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One in a way the Wii U seemingly cannot.

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BigDuo1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Codename NX is a dedicated gaming console. Why do some people not read what Satoru Iwata said? It's no wonder Iwata has gotten frustrated by how some of the gaming press misinterprets his comments. Here's the important part of his statement as follows:

"As proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated game system business, let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept under the development codename “NX.”

What we do not know is if NX is the next dedicated handheld, dedicated home console, or if the NX is actually a shared codename for both handheld and home console, but that does not mean it is a hybrid console as Iwata already told us years before that Nintendo would not be making a hybrid console.

Nintendo wants to maximum its profitability and increase its customer base between two platforms, not risk putting it all in one basket with one hardware platform. NX could just refer to Nintendo's unified architectural strategy in how it wants to make its next handheld and home console use a similar operating system and architecture.

Iwata even specifically points out that NX does not have a direct connection to Nintendo's new mobile games business.

Yi-Long1742d ago

I really REALLY hope that this time Nintendo will come out with a really strong console that will compete, specs-wise, with the XBO and PS4, loses a lot of the traditional Nintendo-restrictions, and thus hopefully would bring in the amount of great 3rd party-support to actually provide a whole lot more (great) gaming-options for the system than we've seen with Cube, Wii and WiiU...

That said, it's Nintendo, and I'm 38 years old.... so I've been through multiple generations of Nintendo (among other Japanese companies, most notably Sega btw...) making some very strange business decisions when it comes to their consoles.

Sometimes it works out very well on a hardware-level (Gamecube controller). Sometimes it works out very well on simply creating a huge hype and being a big sales-success (Wii).

However, after the SNES we really haven't seen a console from them that had the 3rd party support it deserves, often due to the nature of the system (weak specs, gimmick-based hardware, whatever), so until they actually announce and show their new console, I'll remain a bit skeptical for now.

For all the stuff Nintendo does right (they make solid build hardware and obviously some of the greatest games in history, many of which are timeless classics), it usually does just as many things wrong.

I'm hopeful for the best, but I'm fearing for the worst.

It seems it really shouldn't be that hard to make a great Nintendo console. Just make sure the tech competes with current-gen, it's easy to develop for, break down the barriers, and release stuff on it that people have been begging for for years (FullHD gorgeous looking huge Pokemon RPG-adventure, for starters...).

And the next Nintendo handheld (FullHD, multi-touch, huge specs) should be both a stand-alone system doing it's own thing, as well as being a 2nd screen/controller when used with/for their next main console. And it should even have a HDMI-out so you can play your handheld games on a big screen, using a normal (remote) controller.

Haru1742d ago

A Nintendo 'FullHd' multi-touch and high perfomance handheld? Lol this is Nintendo we're talking about here not Sony, We're lucky if the next handheld gets at least a 720p screen (even tho I doubt it) and a little better specs but don't expect more from Nintendo

superchiller1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Let's hope that whatever it is, it won't be weakly-specced hardware based around yet another gimmick, as all their recent hardware has been (DS, 3DS, Wii, Wii U). It's time for Nintendo to get back to what they used to be great at, producing solid gaming hardware and great games. They've really lost their way for over a decade, and they just can't afford more mediocre products with poorly integrated gimmicks anymore. If they can't even be remotely competitive when it comes to their gaming hardware, then they really should just go software only, and leave the hardware design to companies that are more experienced at it.

gameboy11742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

The WiiU competes with ps4 in terms of power games like M3DWORLD,PIKIMIN3,SMASH4,MK8,D E,XENONBLADEX,ZELDA,BAYONETTA2 , ect all compete with ps4 in terms of graphics easy,and I'm sure what ever Retro Studio's are doing with all that new talent will be crazy and Devils Third is meant to be unrecognizable now that's how much better it looks now all these games side by side to ps4 graphics will be equal if not better.

NX will use power8 cpu's and a RX200 series gpu if rumours are true so it will be on a whole new level to ps4/WiiU....

The power in WiiU is the edram when you use all of it and the ddr3 you get insane bandwidth it's leagues above ps4 in memory for graphics performance,not RAM thats just for assets in the game I'm on about bandwidth RAM the wiiu has by far the most.....

superchiller1741d ago

Lol, funny stuff dude! Welcome to Fantasy Island!

antikbaka1742d ago

it could be the second in a row console from Nintendo that fails. Wouldn't it be crazy?

gameboy11742d ago

They could of made WiiU more successful all they would do is market the hell out of it but Nintendo have chose to be conservative and prob save their Marketing dollar for NX.....basically wii level marketing.

Magicite1739d ago

Yeah, but they chose to sink this ship.

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