The Digital Foundry 2015 budget gaming PC guide - PlayStation 4 performance for £300

Digital Foundry:
Building a capable gaming PC has never been easier - or indeed cheaper. There's a multitude of options of available, but we went into our own budget gaming build project with one objective in mind: to run the latest games well and to attempt to match the overall experience offered by the current generation of consoles. Could we match or even exceed PlayStation 4 performance with a computer constructed for a mere £300/$400?

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jackanderson19851753d ago

to sum it up you can, just about but it's going to quickly fall off (think the final price was £320 without an OS)

vishmarx1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

how does one definitely say this pc will outperform ps4?
games arent tflops and even if they come up the same, ps4 will always have better optimization.regardless of what statistics say,
practically ,ps4 will outperform it 90% of the time .
meanwhile you miss out on console exclusives and first party support just to prove a damn point.the whole point of a pc is better graphics and you dont even get that.

not to mention raw tflops means nothing when 4gb vram and quad core processor and windows os is a pre requisite in most high end games today.the game wont run.period.

I can get a ps4 today and guarantee itll run all high end games for the next 5 years and theyll look and better than they do today.
how long will the 300 bucks pc last?

also, I wonder why df wouldnt compare xbox as well.they cant resist a single opportunity to downplay ps4

jackanderson19851753d ago

they never said it'll outperform the PS4, they're saying they can get the performance that the PS4 is giving out at the moment with the games released

they even mention that PS4 games (and console games in general are better optimised) and that the pc might already be dated

and why would the use the lower end console for building a comparable rig? that'd make no sense at all.

This PC technically outperforms the X1 while it's on par with the PS4. not sure how that's a dig at PS4 but hey whatever floats your boat

Crimzon1753d ago

"I can get a ps4 today and guarantee itll run all high end games for the next 5 years and theyll look and better than they do today."

I wish GTA5 and Bloodborne ran well, but those are two games that the PS4 already struggles to run at a measly 30fps. Sucks that driving fast in GTA gets the framerate down to the low 20s and Bloodborne stutters around, dropping into the teens at points when calling in a co-op partner or getting invaded.

I really envy people who are going to get to enjoy GTA5 at 60fps on PC, no doubt pushing extra graphical effects that PS4/XB1 can't handle. It looks like the PC version of Witcher 3 is going to be far beyond PS4/XB1 as well. We already saw the PC version of Ground Zeroes looking/running better than the console versions and PC owners got to enjoy all these current remasters such as Borderlands and Dark Souls 2 at 1080p/60fps years ago.

PC will always be far ahead of consoles in terms of performance and graphics. Nice for the people who can afford it, I envy them.

freshslicepizza1753d ago

they don't compare it to the xbox one because the ps4 is the most powerful console out right now. it's actually more of an opportunity to downplay the xbox one as they don't see it as big of a challenge.

you also talk about console exclusives you will miss out on. yes, we know that but on consoles you also miss out on thousands of games not available on the ps4.

i myself would push people to spend at least $600 on a pc. that way it's more future proof, exceeds the ability of the current consoles and gives way more options of what you can do with that pc. you can also use it as a media centre that plays all audio and video files and since it's also a computer it can also be used as a workstation.

we should not be viewing the pc game platform as a threat to consoles. this type of thinking is just plain silly. it is another option, that is all and an option that can give better results of you want to invest in it. just like you have the option to spend $500 on a tv. you could also spend $5,000 on a tv. how does that more expensive tv threaten your cheaper one? it doesn't. it's call an option.

spacedelete1753d ago

DF are just trolls. they use these comparisons to each console and PC to bait fanboys and trolls which helps them as they plaster advertisments all over the site earning money off fanboys.

cmgs1753d ago

To be able to state "statistically" you need actual statistics. Raw t flops meaning nothing is actually an argument that can be used against ps4, since pcs achieve more performance with less flop/s. No game requires 4gb vram btw, even 1gb cards run fine , and games that require 4 cores take i3 as a 4 core, because it is hyper threaded and is equivalent of amd quads. In comparison, both quad amd and dual intel builds are superior to 8 core consoles, because consoles are running dual low energy netbook processors, and 2 of the cores are reserved by os. Pc exclusive library is bigger than whole ps4 library, with backwards compatibility as well, if you only bothered. You also don't pay for online, and get games for dirt cheap thanks to steam.

Did you know that pcs can also do other things? Like, nobody can prevent you from plugging a hard drive, you can have a browser that can play every video, can play music on the background, take screenshots... And everything a pc does.

johndoe112111753d ago


Exactly who do you think you're fooling? You constantly stealth troll every single ps4 article. If you bloody hate the system and sony so much (which is painfully obvious from your comment history) why even visit the articles? It's freaking pathetic.

Crimzon1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )


I don't need to fool anyone? Everything I said is fact. You mention how I'm apparently constantly "stealth trolling" and how you've been digging through my comment history, which if anything paints you as the one who's pathetic, not me.

I don't troll. I have my opinions and that's that. If you get so upset by that you're left feeling that you need to follow me from article to article and stalk me, then I'm afraid it's you who's pathetic. Leave me alone you weird troll.

Edit: Oh my god I just looked at some of your recent comments and wow, you have got to be one of the most shameful fanboy trolls on this entire site. And you've got the nerve to call ME a troll? Jesus.

Shineon1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I could be trippen but isn't the ps4 based off PC architecture? I mean I know ps3 wasn't, but aren't the current gen consoles more like a PC now because if so Optomization won't do much compared to last gen of course. Another thing, if DX12 is as good as its been reported to be, I don't think these consoles will stand a chance

Somebody1753d ago

"I can get a ps4 today and guarantee itll run all high end games for the next 5 years and theyll look and better than they do today. "

Really? During early days of the PS3 and 360 everyone praised their power and potentials, just like how everyone's praising the PS4 and X1 now. But after several years, even more so during the couple of years before the PS4 and X1 came out, we see game devs struggled to keep up that praise and some even bitch and moan about how limited the hardware were. There were great looking console games but again just a handful.

Yes, that $300 PC will struggle after 5 years but that doesn't mean the PS4 and X1 will still be breezing past the latest PC hardware at that time. In fact, we're actually witnessing a preview of that when suddenly every next gen console devs are struggling to get their games to the 60fps 1080p standard after a solid year of hyping it.

PS4 and X1 games will require extensive optimizations to make them look as shiny as the PC version because their hardware is getting old but the latest features it needed to process are getting much more demanding. The $300 PC however will simply get one or two components upgraded to get it to play with the latest bells and whistles.

ravencry1753d ago

just as you said before regarding xbox one . hardware is hardware with pc getting dx12 metal optimization i am sure gtx 750 ti will last just as ps4.

did you forget ps3 ran at 720p low-med settings after 5 years. ps4 being pc like architecture. this gen will be soon over. ps4 will run high end games after 5 years sure but at low settings

otherZinc1753d ago

Digital Foundry is overrated and so is the PS4.

The PS4 has yet to run One 1080p 60fps AAA Exclusive Next-generation game. Not 1. Now, Digital Foundry wants to compare it to a PC.

Digital Foundry gave The Order 1886 a pass by not saying how blurry 1886 is when scoping on one of those "same Ole looking enemies" at short distance. Our eyes were killing us looking at that blurry mess.

Digital Foundry needs to get some integrity back.

vishmarx1753d ago

get a life, bad stealth troll

dont bring listwars here.a smartphone will stomp the pc's library that way.but id care if those things werent flash games or mmos or rts's.

will that 1gb/i3 card run witcher 3 batman aa at 1080p with med high?
because i have an i5 with with a 1gb vram gfx car(nvidia) and it doesnt even run dr3 at playable fps at the lowest possible res/settings.and it ran witcher 2 at med @60fps back when it launched just fine.those extras you mention arent anything to be proud of. even the most basic pc's/smartphones do it,

but how about-dedicated wireless controllers that i do not need workarounds for?blu ray optical drives ?
nobody buys a console to outperform a high end pc.
but when its about gaming, nothing beats console in convenience and productivity.

never said consoles will look as good as high end pc's 5 years down the line. i said theyll run games thatll look much better than they do now. will an i3 run ANYTHING NEW after 5 years? that setup mentioned above will be lucky to run witcher 3 at 1080p at med/high with playable fps let alone outperform ps4.and that game releases in months.

ravencry1753d ago

Taken from youtube comments :

Do you think the pc hardware magically get weaker by time ?
That argument made no sense since the ps3 played a lot of games at 640p with a terrible frame-rate, lets not forget how all the consoles ran in the lowest settings in the last few years of the consoles life.
You want shit to work ? Cool. Don't upgrade. You want to have a good experience ? Then you will need to upgrade your hardware

It's like giving you an outdated phone and telling you to keep it for the next 7 years while technology moves forwards.

ravencry1753d ago

pc has more quality games than ps4

45 exclusives higher than 75 metacritic

45 80/100 games > 5 90/100 and 4 80/10

TheDevKit1753d ago

You realize PC games can be "optimized" too?

freshslicepizza1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )


"dont bring listwars here.a smartphone will stomp the pc's library that way.but id care if those things werent flash games or mmos or rts's."

i didn't make listwars, i offered a perfectly reasonable counter to your argument about the pc missing out on 1st party games. so don't get upset because the list is rather large in comparison. is pillars of eternity not acceptable to your rather limited list? how about ori and the blind forest, it's not on the ps4 either. both are recent games too and you also don't need to worry about backwards compatibility for older titles either. once you stop moving the goal posts to suit your own debate you soon realize the pc actually has a lot to offer.

like i said, stop viewing this as a threat to console gaming where you need to keep validating why you prefer console gaming. each has its pros and cons.

"will an i3 run ANYTHING NEW after 5 years?"

why wouldn't it? in five years the pc will further the gap to consoles but that doesn't mean pc gamers have to upgrade. it just means that if you want the best features you may have to. the pc they built today will still be comparable to the consoles in 5 years. the difference is the pc is able to scale along with increased technology, the consoles are not. all that they can do is further optimize the hardware. which also applies to the pc without the need to upgrade. that's what driver updates do and other sources like directx12 will do.

livininsin1753d ago

I'm sorry but I just don't buy the whole 'consoles are better optimized' rhetoric that people keep tossing out there. It just doesn't hold any water when you make actual apple to apple comparisons.

Comparing the ps4 at 1.84 TFLOPS to a 7850, almost 2 years older and only 1.76TFLOPS, you would expect the PS4 to easily outperform the 7850, especially if it was better optimized.

Digital Foundry has the ps4 running at 1920x1080, 30fps and high settings.
Techspot benchmarked the 7850 at 1920x1080, 46fps with all settings maxed out.

Dying Light:
Digital Foundry has the ps4 running at 1920x1080, 30fps with dips in framerate and medium to high settings.
Techspot benchmarked the 7850 at 1920x1080, 37fps with all settings maxed out.

Far Cry 4:
Digital Foundry has the ps4 running at 1920x1080, 30fps and high settings.
Techspot benchmarked the 7850 at 1920x1200, 36fps with all settings maxed out.

Alien Isolation:
Digital Foundry has the ps4 running at 1920x1080, 30fps and (mostly) ultra settings.
Techspot benchmarked the 7850 at 1920x1200, 49fps with all settings maxed out.

With an older, less powerful GPU outperforming the PS4 I just don't see how anyone could claim that consoles are optimzed better. In fact, it seems like PC does more with less to me.

Dee_911753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

the gpu and cpu alone is $300, excuse me if my currency converter isn't correct but I highly doubt everything else needed for a functioning computer would equal $17.
Regardless, this is a kinda decent starter pc.I might look into making this and updating components when I get the funds.

mattdillahunty1752d ago

why the F would you want to build a PC with similar performance to a PS4 or XB1? one of the major selling points of PC gaming is being able to blow past the limits of console hardware.

if your budget for PC gaming is $400, then you might as well save your money until you can afford a better PC, or just buy a console.

Articuno761752d ago

The PS4 has better performance in the cross-platform games PC builders doing these exercise typically use.

miyamoto1752d ago

Eurolamer are just trying hard to downpay the PS4- a negative disservice to the console gaming industry as a whole. These guys are really scumbags that instead of helping console gaming flourish they spread FUD. You can tell what twisted minds they have.
They better repent of their wrong doing.

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Genuine-User1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Can it be done for £300? (spoiler: NO)

Based on DF's conclusion, G3258 is a bad idea. Get an I3 with the suggested specs and you might last till the end of this year as far comparable performance is concerned.

I must add, Batman Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3 will most probably struggle at 1080/30fps (comparable graphics) on the suggested machine with an alternative CPU.

MrSec841753d ago

Yep, plus it doesn't include an OS (which isn't free in a new build, costs over £70 in the UK), in order to match PS4 you need a bluray drive (that's about £38, rather than £10 for a DVD drive).

Best case scenario for matching PS4 you need to spend well over £400, probably closer to £450.

PS4 can be bought for £349 with a game.

Before anyone says that age old line of "games cost less on PC", not always, another factor is that PS Plus gives you access to over 24 games a year, so it pays for the cost and the PC costs more to run in your energy bills.
All of that should be added to the cost.

PC's great if that's where your community of friends are and of course if you don't care for console exclusives and want the added performance, but the console audience isn't interested in PC gaming.

Genuine-User1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Yep. A user by the name of ShiftyGeezer (EUROGAMER) says: When you look at the compromises, it's not really comparable. The case is big and clunky, unsuited for the living room. The noise is probably pretty bad from the stock fans and the lack of engineered airflow. There's no optical disc drive so no disc playback if you value that. It doesn't include a controller, HDMI cable and a Headset - pay extra for that.

I'd like to see a minimum spend to actually match PS4 in terms of games, form factor, movie playback, noise levels, peripherals. Factor in future proofing too and you're probably at least at £500.

PC's have never been about economy of hardware. That's where consoles will remain supreme. PC is about a different experience, a better quality experience for a bit more money coupled with productivity.

Spotie1753d ago

So, in other words: no.

SilentNegotiator1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

These "better than..." /"just as good as..." "...consoles for the same amount of money!" articles are always complete garbage. They pretend like the OS doesn't exist, use trashy PSUs, cutrate CPUs guaranteed to bottleneck the GPU for many games, weak RAM (RAM is so cheap; there's no reason to use weak RAM), use stock fans, exclude wifi (hope you have a port where you want to play games!), and/or etc, etc, etc.

As someone that has built a PC for gaming and isn't an elitist idiot trying to make a point about the cost of PCs vs consoles....don't skimp on any parts, it isn't worth it. The initial cost of a gaming PC is more; it's that simple. Do yourself a favor and save up to spend a good $700 or so.

Dee_911753d ago

I don't mind the articles, you know, its kinda fun to try at least to get comparable results with comparable prices..The annoyance come from the PC crowd using these types of articles to go "see look, pc supreme!".Other than that, and the fact that the price usually comes with a catch or 10, I like these articles.

frostypants1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Not sure why you got disagrees. PC games are never optimized as well as console games, so even if a PC has console-like specs, it is unlikely to look as good for a particular game as that same game on a console, especially later on as devs have even less reason to optimize to low-end PC specs. This is reality.

Also, they cheated on the OS, recommending using a Windows 10 preview, or an "affordable" copy of Windows 7...but then didn't factor it into the price. Sorry, that's a BS move. Realistically add $100+ for the OS. Sure, you can run an evaluation copy indefinitely if you're willing to be illegal, but baking theft into the numbers is lame.

Also, $10-20 for miscellaneous items like thermal paste and internal cables.

Just buy a console if you aren't willing to spend at least $600.

duplissi1753d ago

I should note that there are plenty of ways to get a legitimate copy of windows for around 20 bucks.

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greenmiker1753d ago

Interesting comparison here.

johndoe112111753d ago

It isn't interesting or even remotely comparable.

BC_Master_Haze1753d ago

Really? I see numbers for price, I see frame rate comparisons, there's two right there. Just because they're different doesn't mean they're incomparable. I compare my $1800 (don't worry I only payed 1000) rig to my PS4 all the time, it's the first thing I did when I got it.

In fact, like most comparisons this one features 2 items with near opposite advantages/disadvantages.

hello121753d ago

First problem i see with this why would anyone use a PSU like the one shown? Its probably go on fire or shutdown after prolonged use! Its better to use 1 stick instead of two if you can

gtx750 is a great card i recommend this one!

H81M-P33 - Mainboard - mATX motherboard doesn't have to be that expensive you don't get increased performance buying a expensive motherboard. Expensive motherboards just offer more bells and whistles.

Harddrive and CPU are fine for the build they are trying to achieve. As pointed out already its missing an OS.

Pl4sm41752d ago

do what you want cause a pirate is free... you are a pirate .... rawr har a pirate be free

MRMagoo1231753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Who would buy that junk even if they were on a budget, I would rather go without. Not trying to be snobby but pay a couple hundred more and you would probably triple the specs.

Pl4sm41752d ago

agreed ... pcs are not meant to be on a budget (but they can be anyways)... pcs are all about the price to performance ratio. Spend double the ps4 price, get 3 or 4 times the performance in games. this also does not count the universe of things the pc can do but the ps4 and xbone cant.

jp_footy21753d ago

I have a feeling Gaikai is providing additional power to Driveclub...

The graphics are bonkers.

Moldiver1753d ago

Did you really just type that? *cringes*

BC_Master_Haze1753d ago

-____- no man, just no, they would have so much trouble with that.

Bubble system is corrupt

frostypants1753d ago

Really no sillier than similar claims made by Microsoft about their cloud capabilities. Or rather, just as silly.

Moldiver1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )


Its not silly if you can prove it though is it? MS have proof...and you are just backing up a silly remark made by one of your bretherin. Which in itself is silly.

Will be interesting to see who eats crow in a years time....

frostypants1752d ago

@Moldiver, they've proven nothing outside of a controlled environment. Don't be a shill.

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