Microsoft Confirms That Bungie Is Developing New 'Halo'

MTV Multiplayer writes:

In an interview shot for MTV News on Tuesday, Microsoft's head of Xbox business Don Mattrick, confirmed to me that Bungie is indeed working on a new "Halo" game of some sort for Microsoft.

I had been asking Mattrick about the lack of "Halo" news at E3. He said that Microsoft's Monday press conference was already loaded with content and so any announcements for that series weren't needed to get gamers excited.

I pushed him on the lack of presence for the series and asked him if we should be worried about the no-show of Ensemble Studio's real-time-strategy game "Halo Wars." Not only did Mattrick say not to worry and that announcements would be coming, he also said that Microsoft is working with Bungie on a "Halo" game.

I asked for clarification, wondering if Mattrick meant Bungie's project was "Halo Wars" or the long-announced Peter Jackson "Halo" project. Neither, Mattrick said. The Bungie game is something else.

And then, not surprisingly, the topic was changed...

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Hydrolex5812d ago (Edited 5812d ago )

new sex toys, new whores, new homos. Master Chief will lose his penis.

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG I'm so not Interested !!!!

InMyOpinion5812d ago

Then why are you the first to comment in both zones?

Sony sucks balls5812d ago

Shouldn't you be playing Metal Queer busitin a nut on Snake's snake ?

Pain5811d ago

was hoping that since therr free from M$' idiocy they'd make a New and Exciting game but alas its a Boring Halo game..i thought the fight was finished....

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Polluted5812d ago

Maybe they're making Halo RPG for cell phones.

P4KY B5812d ago

Just imagine the flood, thousands of disembodied lego heads chasing you.

solidt125812d ago

Halo Legos I think would actually be a good idea. Kids and adults would love it.

u got owned5812d ago

Halo Lego would be so cool!!! And give me some Halo Lego Multiplayer too. Imaging your head been shot by a Lego sniper, now that would fun. lol.

Bubble Buddy5811d ago

Lego solves lots of things these days don't they? :p

jaja14345811d ago

In the future our lego cars will run on lego fuel...just you wait!

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SixTwoTwo5812d ago

What else would they be making. This is less surprising than EA announcing the next Madden title.

LGFreedom5811d ago

Sarcasticgamer.com called this weeks ago... Little late MTV... :(

pwnsause5812d ago (Edited 5812d ago )

seriously you think bungie was going to announce anything else? seriously, they were going to release all that Info today so that they can overshadow Sony's E3 conference, but bungie was not allowed to do so today, cause microsoft said so. I see what you did there microsoft. very funny. Funny if there arent big improvements from halo 3 to this game.

gaffyh5812d ago

Lol they could have announced a sequel to Oni (PS2). LMAO

himdeel5812d ago

...the BEST HALO evah in life and in death I will be pleased. I hope that it's so good it make all the other HALO games look and play like poo poo.

Halochampian5812d ago

real funny... but Bungie doesn't have rights to Oni.

Panthers5811d ago

Ha I still have Oni. It was fun but hard.

The Lazy One5811d ago

Anyone who watched the credits knows it doesn't end MC's story. It ends the MC/Covenant/Flood (maybe not the flood) story arc.

MC is still very clearly alive, and still stuck in the middle of nowhere on ??? planet. It's very possible they are going to tie halo into marathon, which wouldn't really be a horrible thing.

Also, it could be a non-MC related halo title. more like a front lines shooter as opposed to MC, who was mostly special ops in the games.

Or it could be anything from the books. There is a lot of story left in the halo universe that could be made.

Personally, I think a halo themed combat racer would be sweet. of course it wouldn't fit into the story at all, but it would be fun...

my .02

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