Lack of change leads to a bit of disappointment — MLB 15: The Show | Gaming Trend

The MLB: The Show series has long been one of the strongest sports franchises around, making meaningful changes each year that keep the player coming back. This year, developer Sony San Diego seems to have gone all out in revamping their Diamond Dynasty mode, but what else has changed within this MLB: The Show 15 package? The gameplay of MLB: The Show has received little innovation over the years, but will 2015 be the time we see the implementation of a game-changing feature? On top of that, will the UI that has been getting progressively worse over the years finally be rectified? After MLB: The Show’s stellar debut on next-generation consoles last year, the pressure was on Sony San Diego to continue impressing fans.

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GNCFLYER1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Um madden hasn't changed in like 20 years. It got a 92.

What's up doc?

spacedelete1750d ago

blah blah blah. who cares.

GNCFLYER1750d ago

Apparently some guy named spacedelete.

Pikminmaniac1750d ago

Really thought game reviews and their scores were based on how the game plays and feels, and how all the modes worked, including on-line play. Guess all that matters is how it compares to its predecessor. Not a fan of this review at all.

TheTimeDoctor1750d ago

The game is an absolute blast! 9/10