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Before requesting Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (DSII:SotFS) for review, I checked with our resident Souls expert, Eric Layman. Check out his in-depth reviews for Dark Souls II, and it's three DLC packs: Old Iron King, Sunken King, and Ivory King. Having already poured over 180 hours into Dark Souls II and its DLCs alone, and being focused on Bloodborne at the time, he gave me the greenlight. In the past, I had tried Demon's Souls and the original Dark Souls, but did not stick with either. Having now cut my teeth on Lords of the Fallen, I finally "got it." And by that I mean, I now understood the appeal of these Souls games, but, that's not to say they're perfect or should be attempted by anyone who doesn't have a strong will, patience to match, and (most importantly for me) time to burn.

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SpinalRemains1381751d ago

How can he finally say "he gets it!" He finally gets the appeal of the Souls games, then goes on to bash the game because his consumables are used and enemies respawn after death.

Looks like he doesn't get it at all.