Batman: Arkham Knight Is Very Close To Being Finished

Batman: Arkham Knight fans will be happy to know that the game is very close to being completed.

Batman: Arkham Knight’s game director, Sefton Hill, confirmed on Twitter that development is “very close” from being finished. The team has had a lot of late nights trying to get the game finished and ready to ship this June.

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Chrisgamerguy1744d ago

I know they put everything they had into this last batman game, so they deserve my purchase day one! :^)

Outsider-G1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Can't wait. This and the Witcher 3 will keep me busy for a good while.

Agent_00_Revan1744d ago

Dying to play this game. Loved the other ones. Yes, even Origins for the most part. Can't wait to drive the Batmobile and see how the series ends.

Meltic1743d ago

what was the problem with origins ?

itsjustexuma1740d ago

The game was bad because it was rushed they didn't followed the Arkham back stories like Joker's and there was so much potential gone to waste

rainzor1744d ago

They should put this on Wii U. Imagine the gamepad capabilities,the miiverse, all at 1080p 60 fps!

HexxedAvenger1744d ago

game is to intensive for the wii-u

rainzor1744d ago

LOL I was being sarcastic

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