It's Time for us Gamers to Lower Our Shields

By continuing to go on with GamerGate, gamers merely continue to play into the media-concocted narrative and reinforce their negative stimgas, no matter how untrue they might be. Thus, the best solution to stop the media slander, is to stop playing their game, and to put out the GamerGate fire that fuels them.

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WilliamUsher1744d ago

This guy seems to forget that the media and critics ATTACKED gamers BEFORE GamerGate became a trending hashtag. It was the combination of protecting corrupt practices and the "Gamers are Dead" articles that helped fuel #GamerGate.

Why would people disband when #GamerGate was the reaction to the media attacking the games industry? And why would gamers concede to a group of liars who have done nothing but demonize and devalue the public image of the industry?

It's like giving a liar leeway to keep calling you a rapist because trying to defend yourself from the allegations is causing too much controversy.

Well, good.

Eventually the lie will burn out but the truth will burn forever. The only thing GG has to do to not lose is to keep going. There is HARD evidence of corruption in this industry. So long as gamers keep making a stink until the lies and charades extinguish then we can start dealing with all the uncovered corruption and fixing the industry.

DarkOcelet1744d ago

You are right and i want to say something to the author, you are right about one thing only. We should lower our shield and raise our swords against the corruption.

Those people wont stop, if we let them go on and on, they will have everything their way. So i say **** them.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1743d ago

I don't even know what gamergate is. Lets keep it that way.

iSuperSaiyanGod1743d ago

People just need to stop being so sensitive & move on with life . It's not that serious . It really don't effect many people's lives . The game stores are still full , the video game sections are still full . It's 2015 , people are gonna play it , watch it , buy it & try it regardless . (At least in the U.S.) it just seams silly .

brish1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

@Lightning Mr Bubbles

Gamergate is an online movement fighting against corruption in game journalism.

The corrupt game journalists lied to people saying it's about misogyny to deflect valid criticism pointing out their corruption.

What anti-gamergate doesn't seem to understand is trying to label gamergate as something it's not is proof of their corruption.

comebackkid98911742d ago

Everyday there's 2 more articles decrying the need for transexual protagonists, activists using the industry as a soapbox, and con-artists turning water into whine. This was never a movement, just a post of old gamers preserving free expression.

NecotheSergal1742d ago

Don't believe the obvious WHITE MALE PATRIARCHY is trying to get us to submit and surrender! I'm so triggered right about now! Ho boy!

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Baka-akaB1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Wait so going silent , will magically make the medias friendly and not spinning crap around ? How naive ...

Even if GG or other past or future movements were to ultimately accomplish nothing ... they got the merits of at least making it known and a bit public , that people arent following blindly and meekly imposed trends and forced views , if not lies

user816731743d ago

lower your shields, embrace the DLCs!!!!

TheJacksonRGN1743d ago

You are a fool to think if GG ending will stop the demonizing of the gaming culture.

Remember Jack Thompson and his BS. The media's attempt to pin killing sprees on violent games? This has been going on before GG.

ShaunCameron1742d ago

Or Joe Lieberman? Or Hillary Clinton? Or Leeland Yee?

Rebel_Scum1743d ago

I know right. Why is this discussion being brought back from the dead?

madjedi1742d ago

How else do you expect them to bring attention to themselves.

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The story is too old to be commented.