Black Ops 3 Rumors Suggest Cybernetic Implants, Enhanced Player Movement, But No Vertical Boost Jump

MP1st - New Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 rumors surface that dive further into the game’s suggested exploration of themes like cybernetic implants and robotics.

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d_g1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

if it will be like Black Ops 2 with some old camping missions and No Verticle Boost Jump

all be happy

Hydrolex1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

hm so no more jumping around like a bunch of monkeys ?


1752d ago
OmegaShen1752d ago

I hope is wrong, but maybe limit how much super jumps can be done. I love jumping super high, death from above.

Highlife1751d ago

Yeah because all the freaking jumping snipers look like freaking jumping beans. Looking stupid jump scope fire jump scope fire ah get rid of that crap.

spacedelete1751d ago

when they try to do somthing new people complain. when they recycle the same game people complain. theres no pleasing people.

Spartacus101751d ago

Boost jumping isnt new, and anyone who likes it should wait for the next advanced warfare.

It makes sense for advanced warfare and black ops to have some differences.

wakeNbake1752d ago

To me the most important aspect to a COD game is the weapon balance, and thats where advanced Warfare dropped the ball.

Elit3Nick1752d ago

Black Ops 2 had some of the best weapon balance in the series so I have faith that they will deliver

dcj05241751d ago

What? Every single weapon in advanced warfare can easily drop people.

Swiggins1751d ago

I double dare you to try and do well with the NA-45...

Many of the weapons in AW had a gimmick to them to try and make them unique but all it did was push people away from them.

Except for maybe the Assault Rifles, each category has maybe one or two competitive weapons.

Black Ops 2 however had multiple viable and competitive weapons in each class where maybe one or two were useless, they were the exceptions rather than the rule.

1751d ago
McCanick1752d ago

Sounds interesting, I will be getting it. I have seen comments about no exo suits, sledgehammer did have a CLASSIC playlist.

Tankbusta401751d ago

Yeah except all the maps were designed for jumping so they all sucked for the classic playlist. Advanced warfare was the first cod I sold right away

Ricegum1751d ago

Well done. By selling your Advanced Warfare you sure showed them.

objdadon1751d ago

I haven't sold it but I bought it on release day as usual but played it two days and never again lol! All that jumping $h!t doesn't belong in cod.

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The story is too old to be commented.