The Witcher 3's Graphics Have Possibly Undergone A Shift From Realistic To A More Vibrant Look

And it is not a bad thing.

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nucky641753d ago

it doesn't matter to me - I'd play the game with either graphics in the game - both are beautiful.

joab7771753d ago

Exactly. I understand why we are so hung up on graphics. It gets hits, we've been lied to etc.

In TW3'S case, I don't care at all. It will be gorgeous and I trust that CD PROJEKT Red has done everything they can to balance gameplay and graphics.

This game is gonna be tough to beat for GotY. It will easily be better than Skyrim. Batman, Bloodborne and MGS5 will b in contention, but I think TW3 will be in a league all its own. Don't get me wrong, Bloodborne is my fav game in over a yr, but it's too niche.

nucky641753d ago

if they pull off everything they're talking about, I'd say witcher3 should get GotY.....bloodborne is as good as it gets, but witcher3 would be that good too - just a lot more of it. but really - this game of the year stuff is irrelevant - playing games like bloodborne, witcher3, and MGS5 in the same calander year is something special.

and yea - too many hung up on graphics and frame rate........I want a GREAT experience. bloodborne has delivered and it looks like witcher3 will as well - it's been a great start to the year.

DevilishSix1753d ago

They have to have nailed the combat before we go tagging it goty. We wont know this until we play it and see how it feels. Past Witcher games just felt alittle off on the melee combat. After playing the smooth melee in Bloodborne I hope they nailed it for Witcher 3 as I have my hopes up and $150 edition paid for.

aCasualGamer1752d ago

agree with nucky64.

Some people don't find it to be a big of a deal that they change some aspects of visuals


I think games should be revealed when they are at most 6 months away from release. When they announce and reveal games years before release, the game is almost never the same as when they are released. The production of videogames are simply like that. The games go through lots of changes both in visuals and gameplay.

So why do they reveal the games so early on?

Many people don't find it too big of a deal that some games go through really substantial visual changes and tweaks before launch, but some do, including me. I find it really irritating to have to watch a game go through a number of visual changes and in some cases downgrade in fidelity and details, ala Watch Dogs, Unity, Alien Colonial Marines. The backlash from the community wouldn't have been as big if they didn't show us a more polished detailed version of the said released games years before release. When you follow a game months on end and see the visual downgrade in action and literally experience it when the game is released, it's somewhat of a letdown and proof that ambition sometimes is to naively high by devs. Just show us the game when it's ready for final polish and there aren't that many changes made to visuals and tone of the game.

Just be honest about it.

I honestly don't buy the whole "a game needs years of PR for it to find its audience". No, it doesn't!

If your game is good and the game is interesting, the audience will pick it up. We don't need months of hype and build up to buy games that are interesting. The games do have life after the first 48 hours of release, and devs don't trust that enough. Gamers do get tired of games before they are even released, because of the fact that they are marketed so heavily and for so long. It's basically hype fatigue.

Anyways. On topic...

I think Witcher 3 looks absolutely amazing.

I'm going to enjoy it alot, i can tell by the latest trailer.

That's all i would've needed. Not years of gameplay videos and trailers.

kraenk121752d ago

Mods which change that will probably turn up in no time anyway.

Dynasty20211752d ago

Is this the "Oh crap our new consoles arent as powerful as we thought - we were wrong and PC players were who cares about graphics anyway? Yeah that'll make the PC crowd stop saying they were right all along and we save face when we were rubbing incorrect console facts in theirs before release" default response now?

The graphics suck in comparison, so now who cares about graphics?

Uncharted 4 much?

You're such pathetic hypocrites.

Revengeance1752d ago

No one's even talking about PC in here you retard. How about you take your elitism elsewhere?

gyggyg1752d ago

The graphics on both ARE beautiful. But let's not be hesitant to give our opinion on what style is better. Lately it seems like doing just that opens up some hostile debate. Personally, I think the old 2013 build looked nicer - and that's just my preference. I think the current build looks amazing too- but I prefer the older style.

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trywizardo1753d ago

Knew that the 2013 build was too good to be true , but the new one is good too .
I hope the particle from magic spells still the same though

starchild1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

What? The new footage is the best looking footage we've seen in my opinion. I put the new trailer up against the VGX and Sword of Destiny trailers and went through them scene by scene comparing graphical elements and there is no doubt they've improved the game over time. Every element is either the same or improved. I was unable to find a single aspect that was definitely better in the older footage.

That supposed particle downgrade was just another example of people jumping to wrong conclusions. The devs have already confirmed, as well as many previews, that all the signs (powers) have at least two forms. We can already see this in the previous videos where the Igni sign looked different in different videos. Even going back to the first trailer we see the more sparkly version of it, so it's clearly not downgraded, it simply has different forms. Not to mention, it's going to look differently in the day than at night.

_-EDMIX-_1753d ago

Agreed. I can't stop laughing! Soooooo because they see difference screens, thus different game, thus downgrade.

I see not much gamers are factoring the areas of the game, time of day etc. I've seen screens of Skyrim that I've never seen before based on time of day, location, hue etc.

Mind you...the new screens they have as examples...have zero screen from night time outdoors, just dusk.

Soooooo how can it look more "vibrant" in comparison and be deemed a "downgrade" when the before screens are at night?

Sure they look more "vibrant"? Sure they just don't look like they are during the day time? LOL!

kraenk121752d ago

Agreed...the new trailer looks even better than the 2013 footage which is how it should be. No one ever thought it will look like that on consoles though.

uncharted561753d ago

How can you compare scenes from one part of the game to another ones. The game still has those scenes and art direction does not really look any different to me in any way, unless you can prove me wrong.

meche3341752d ago

The Art Style looks better on this one

pasta_spice1753d ago

Has the author of this article actually looked outside his window before? Vibrant colors are far more realistic than the duller blues and greys from the earlier build.

anticlimax1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I don't know where you live, but here in Belgium, the pallet goes from blueish grey to wet gray to dark iron grey.

I assumed I was colorblind up untill my first holiday where I realised it wasn't me, it was just our weather.

OT: I'm all in favor of vibrant colors. Adds drama, makes the lighting look better.

NuggetsOfGod1753d ago

Or it's pc footage finally?

seanpitt231752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

It always been pc footage the last trailer is no different just had more time to polish it and it shows. I think the ps4 version will be the equivelent to medium to high settings of the pc version. But the last trailer was probably ultra settings with everything maxed up. It will look great on any platform regardless.

TheColbertinator1753d ago

I dont mind either. RPGs need to focus on a vibrant and more creative art direction.

Leave ultra realism to races and borong FPS games

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