40° experiences 253 Percent Growth in Viewership for Q1 2015

Live video game streaming services, such as Twitch, continues to gain momentum and popularity thanks to video game streamers and the growing popularity of eSports. As a result of its growing popularity, Amazon purchased Twitch for $970 million. However, while Twitch currently dominates in this sector, there are other competitors. One such competitor is the eSports organization Major League Gaming which announced that has experienced a 253 percent growth in the first quarter of 2015.

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AudioEppa1754d ago

I feel like MLG should go back into working with/within twitch to expand it's fanbase with people who don't normally watch Call of Duty eSports because that's what is mainly focused on.

By keeping it in a isolated community is limiting it's growth potential.

People have stopped following cod with the move to

Also a lot, if not all cod pro players wanna go back to twitch.

SeanDKnight1754d ago

That would certainly be the easier thing to do. However, I can understand why MLG wants to have its own thing. No kickbacks to anyone else, they keep all the ad money, and stand to make a ton of money if continues to grow.