Wii U Exclusive Xenoblade X Makes Japanese Viewers Go Crazy: Overwhelming 98% Positive Feedback

Xenoblade Chronicles X's latest video made Japanese viewers on Nico Nico go absolutely bonkers, with a 98% positive rating.

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Big_Game_Hunters1752d ago

This game has so much soul. You can tell Monolith Soft really loves creating games.

Abriael1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

It's not just a matter of "soul"

The game has so much "stuff" too. Every time we think we've seen most of it, they pile on something new.

Who would have thought they'd have co-op and extensive online features?

Big_Game_Hunters1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

IKR, dolls have 10 godamn weapon slots. Thats just weapon slots. You can have more than one doll as long as you can afford it. Different dolls with different purposes and for whatever playstyle you are in the mood for. Most people following this game were already aware of the online features already, just needed that sweet sweet confirmation.

Metallox1752d ago

Absolutely. Some details of today's livestream made my jaw drop, like, yeah, I never saw that coming.

thorstein1752d ago

This looks to be one of the best rpgs. Period.

deafdani1752d ago

I did, ever since the reveal trailer, actually. Take a look at it, and you'll see that there was a chatbox, which was a very strong hint at online play from the start.


breakpad1752d ago

basically the game has some old touch in it like it was made for older systems like PS2/GC is huge ,pretty , connected with deep rpg mechanics and story s like games should be and not the DLC episodic crap we get

gameboy11752d ago

I thought it would Nintendo put good Online with games that need it...

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Magicite1751d ago

WiiU's RPG library is extremely scarce or almost nonexistent here in the west, so XenoX definitely is a big investment in this front.

pcz1751d ago

great to hear. i think the wiiu truly has a system seller now. not that i think this game will sell systems (unfortunately), but it IS a game that is WORTH buying a wiiu for.

i love xenoblade. here is my remix for the mechonis field theme from xenoblade

Majin-vegeta1752d ago

Finally I can get my Wii U

MNGamer-N1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

LOL way to be the first on the thread for the the Faces slam! I agree, it's such a silly thing to be worried about.

Godmars2901752d ago

Or, 2% didn't care.

Calling anyone who might not like something much less disagrees with your opinion a "hater" needs to stop.

Concertoine1752d ago

Please link me to any comment where i call someone a hater.

And please loosen your britches if you can't take a joke, while you're at it.

MNGamer-N1752d ago

Oh damn!! Britches too tight! That starts to hurt real bad after an hour or two!

KuroKazuma1752d ago

i hate the soundtrack much more
vocals songs are so bad here... totally not fitting

Concertoine1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

I kind of agree.
It's quirky crap like vocal songs that stick with me though. It'll maybe find its charm within 100-300 hours.

WPX1751d ago

They are cheesy alright, but somehow I can't stop hearing them with loud volume on my speakers.
It's like it unconsciously(or subconsciously) clings to you.

Big_Game_Hunters1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )



i love the vocals, this is gonna be one of those UNICORN tier Sawano OSTs

wonderfulmonkeyman1752d ago

A quote from the article:
"What surprises the most is the absolutely overwhelming 95.5% that voted the most positive option. I can definitely say that in several years of watching gaming content on Nico Nico, I never once saw this kind of crazy result.

For comparison’s sake, the very successful launch count down of the PS4 was liked “only” by 87.8% of the viewers, with 75.2% voting the best option."


I don't care whether people still think this is a niche JRPG because the one on Wii was niche...
This has main-stream appeal, despite the gripes surrounding the character models.
It's the kind of game that makes me wonder why some people think pre-orders are a bad idea. I can tell I'm never gonna regret this particular purchase.XD

Yi-Long1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

This SHOULD be an absolute system-seller, if Nintendo doesn't screw up the western release, by releasing it as a retailer-exclusive, by releasing it as dub-only, or by basically just ignoring to market it properly... because obviously WE all know about the game because we're on gaming sites like these, but many MANY more casual gamers are completely unaware of Xenoblade... so they need to be hyped up by a decent marketing campaign.

Nintendo really needs to nail this in all areas, cause now that Zelda is postponed, this is pretty much their only core-gamer system-seller for this year for the WiiU...

wonderfulmonkeyman1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Yeah, that's the one area in which I've almost fully lost faith in Nintendo.
If it weren't for their Nintendo Directs (Reggie Vs Iwata will be forever legendary.XD) and Amiibo, I would be convinced they've forgotten how to advertise at all.
It's the one thing that worries me, because I agree with you; this deserves to sell, and sell BIG.
But given Nintendo's track record with advertisement, I'm still worried.
I'm sure I'll enjoy the hell out of this game regardless, though, so even if sales don't hit huge numbers, I'll still be all smiles.

On an unrelated note, I was surprised to learn that there's gonna be an In-the-cockpit viewpoint for the DOLLS.
That's really freaking cool!

lunatic00011752d ago

What about star has potential too

Yi-Long1752d ago

I kinda doubt Star Fox will be released this year....

N4g_null1752d ago

This is going to crush starfox... the mech part is like what titan fall needed to be. Can't wait to get my mech on in this game. I'll still get starfox but I'm pretty sure the Zelda guys did not want to get shown up by these guys.

gameboy11752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Starfox is going to be huge so is FastRacingNeo and I'm sure what ever Tantalus and Retro Studios are cooking up will be amazing especially Retro's...

I'm blown away by graphics on this video the textures on everything look very good and in an open world this big wow,I'm sure it didn't have the motion blur last time either way it looks like the only nextgen game out there....

AJBACK2FRAG1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Nintendo? Marketing? lol!! As far as I can tell Nintendo is trying to keep the Wii U a secret. Man, I hate to say how utterly wrong I was about the Wii U. I used to say the Wii U is going to be hUge. Or the least powerful and least expensive home video game console always,always,always wins it's respective generation! I think the Wii U is the best home video game console Nintendo's ever made. I think Nintendo software has been head and shoulder's above virtually anything else I've seen this generation. It's insane to think the PS4 is leading this generation with one of the worst software line ups I've ever seen. I couldn't have forseen that people would love technical specifications more than an actual home video game console! This is the age of video game hardware propeling mediocre software. Scary stuff.

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Godmars2901752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

By all counts and appearances as much effort is being put into Xenoblade X's story as mechanics. It also looks pretty. The focus isn't solely on graphics and obviously seeming vapid characters while leaning too heavily on lore. Mostly because technically Xenoblade doesn't have much lore to lean on.

Actually, forget what I said about Xenoblade's story. It is rather pedestrian, but does look to be a good fit. Especially because there's room for customizing characters.

TariqAzad1751d ago

Random question, but did you happen to have an account on Gametrailers Forums by the name of "TehMonkeyMan"?

wonderfulmonkeyman1751d ago

Nope, that's not me.XD
I try to avoid using names with such abhorrent spelling.

Majin-vegeta1752d ago

Is there a link to the video stream??I wann see it.

Adrian_v011751d ago

Here it is. It's in Japanese but still you should be able to understand most of the mecha functions just by watching.

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