Lots of Yoshi’s Woolly World art

Check out a bunch of beautiful art for Yoshi’s Woolly World.

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WizzroSupreme2731d ago

Yoshi's Wooly World is the cutest darn game there's ever going to be. I just wanna hug him and love him and call him Yoshi.

TorpeAlex2731d ago

Yeah, it seems pretty knit. I woold love to see this release this summer.

Metallox2731d ago

I came here to say that.

Concertoine2731d ago

Are these in-game? If so they look amazing

MNGamer-N2731d ago

Game looks chill. Complete opposite of COD rage. Gives my life a good balance and equilibrium.

MrSwankSinatra2730d ago

can't wait to play this game.