Former Xbox One Exclusive Chaos;Child’s PS4/PS3/PS Vita Version Gets New Trailer and Commercial

5pb. released a new trailer and a TV commercial of the former Xbox One exclusive Chaos;Child, that will now be released for PS4, Ps3 and PS Vita in Japan on June 25th.

Interestingly, they also released the old Xbox One opening to let you compare with the PlayStation one.

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DarkOcelet1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

I wouldnt be surprised if more Japanese Xone exclusives came to the PS4. They are barely selling any copies in Japan.

Abriael1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

There aren't many. I'm wondering about Psycho Pass mostly.

I'm 100% sure crimson dragon and Scalebound will remain exclusive because they're published by Microsoft.

I doubt they'll even get a PC port.

Funny story: I interviewed a Japanese developer a few days ago (can't say who yet) and while I was chatting a bit, I told him I was getting the impression that PC gaming was getting a bit more popular in Japan.

He laughed at me ^_^;;;

_-EDMIX-_1748d ago

"Scalebound will remain exclusive because they're published by Microsoft"


So was Dead Rising 3 and Ninja Gaiden II and to a lessor extant Mass Effect.

I don't know if they own the IP or not as I haven't heard anything regarding the game since it was announced about that.

It could be exclusive, but that remains to be seen, this isn't really the first time such a thing has happened with publisher.

LexHazard791748d ago

@edmix, yes Scalebound will be exclusive to Xbox. They own it.

Moldiver1748d ago

Im not sure why bakpain got disagrees. MS paid platinum to make a game exclusively for Xbox. MS own the IP, the assets. everything.Just not the devs who are making it.Its a bit like paying gucci to make you a one-off pair of shoes. There wont be a DR situation, here. You can forget about that. lol

gokuking1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

PC gaming isn't getting more popular in Japan. You're seeing more ports of Japanese games because of western interest. The majority of those PC ports don't even wind up getting released in Japan due to a lack of demand.

_-EDMIX-_1747d ago

@BakPAin- I'm not actually sure they do and will look it up in a minute. Though MS is publishing, its not the first time they've published an IP they didn't own.

Consider when Mass Effect's IP was was bought by EA FROM BIOWARE! ie MS didn't even own the ip yet were publishing and planning 3 titles.

Which sorta shows you they will publish an IP they don't own no problem, ala Sunset Overdrive.

Now based on how Sony and Nintendo do things, I can see why them funding might seem like they own it, but MS actual has a history of publishing ips they don't own.

Again, consider they also funded Mass Effect....yet didn't own the ip.

That deal made was between Bioware and EA, EA only bought the publishing rights from MS, not the actual IP, EA was likely even prepared to just change the name if need be, ala Project Origins (ie Fear 2's publishing rights with Vivendi Universal vs Monolith)

Monolith owned the IP, Vivendi owned the publishing rights....Monolith at one point (not sure if anyone remembers this lol) was prepared to release FEAR 2 as a game called Project Origins. It pretty much was FEAR 2, yet not called FEAR 2, gameplay, story, characters etc.

@Moldiver - "MS own the IP" I've actually read nothing that actually states that and a link would be nice, now I could be wrong, but historically MS has rarely owned the IP to a new game they have another studio making.

Too Human, Mass Effect, Sunset Overdrive, Ryse etc. They've done it a lot and it really remains to be seen if it actually is.

Sony and Nintendo don't typically do that, thus it might seem commonplace to assume the same with MS, but again...historically MS has been ok with having an IP they don't owned published by them.

I don't disagree with that MS may own it, but I'm leaning towards that they don't based on their past with such deals.

Now the MS site doesn't state anything about them trademarking the title.

but...if you look online, you'll see it was actually trademarked by MS and indeed, owned by MS.


For how long remains to be seen as Platinum could buy the IP, but that is unlikely. So yes, MS actually owns the ip, but I still agree with those that originally disagreed because you sorta had a lot of right to based on MS's past actions.

I feel they should state owning this MORE as many are not so quick to believe MS exclusives...even the ones published by them.

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98xpresent1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

What's the point of putting "former Xbox exclusive" ??

@darkocelet and who don't know that by now

DarkOcelet1748d ago

Because it was a former Xbox exclusive.

KwietStorm1747d ago

Does it make it a better game knowing it is a former Xbox exclusive? Does it make it a better buy? Is it some kind of vital knowledge to have beforehand, when you're on your way to the store? All of these questions have the same answer. This is just dualshockers doing what they do. There is no real reason to have that in the title, every, single, time it's posted. It just continues to fuel this kiddie fanboy crap, especially being N4G, and especially knowing how many articles from dualshockers get submitted here.

_-EDMIX-_1748d ago

Because "former Xbox exclusive" is something we've heard many, many times before.

At this point....we just wait for deals to end to hear the term "former Xbox exclusive".


Plus.....they know they get da clicks!

LexHazard791748d ago

Dude it goes both ways. You act as if Nintendo or Sony never lost exclusives before. Its only been happening since gaming began.

_-EDMIX-_1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

..never stated it didn't. Merely that MS has been known for this a bit more then others lol.

I many times can we even say Sony or Nintendo published a title that ended up else where a year later?

MS might have well wrote the book on timed deals.

I don't even disagree with you either, happens from Nintendo and Sony...rarely though. Its an every gen thing for MS to money hat some games for a year or so lol.

Ryse, Dead Rising, Titan Fall, likely some more. They started off the gen in very MS fashion.

Many have "lost" games before, not sure how many of them have been based off of deals....

lolosgolos1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

@_-EDMIX-_ Your last comment about Dead Rising, Titanfall and Ryse. If these games are still only on windows OS then Microsoft exclusivity still stands

_-EDMIX-_1747d ago

"then Microsoft exclusivity still stands" lol sure bud.

Now its "MS exclusivity" lol.

The reality is, they've done this before with ips they didn't own and they where merely publishing.

MS doesn't own those IPs, it can be looked up quite easily as I"m pretty sure Ryse's IP is owned by Crtek, Dead Rising's ip is owned by Capcom etc.

MS didn't buy either of those ips, thus those games are free to go else where if they feel just. ie why Titan Fall 2 is appearing everywhere.

Mind you...those games released on PC...MS doesn't OWN THE PC platform...

Ryse was published by Crytek on PC, Capcom published Dead Rising 3 on PC.

They likely went that route as PC is open source and they don't have to pay for licensing fees and its cheaper to bring to PC as the game is by default already running on one.

Again...MS doesn't own the PC platform...

Bdub20001747d ago

Metal... Gear... Solid....

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DragonKnight1748d ago

There is no legitimate reason except for what FallenRain said. The game is coming to the Playstation platform and that's what matters. It's sad "journalism" to focus on what the game was instead of what it is and will be.

DarXyde1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

I have to admit, the "former" part does come off as a little douchey. I'd probably just address it as "Chaos;Child (PlayStation Edition)" since, y'know, it's coming out on every PlayStation platform that still makes games.

Then again, while I have an aptitude for objective journalism...I'm not a journalist...anymore.

gokuking1748d ago

Nah, it's not coming to every PlayStation platform "that still makes games." There are still PSP games coming out and Chaos;Child isn't coming to it. PSP will sell more software in 2015 than both Xbox platforms combined in Japan. Heck, it'll probably sell more software than the entirety of Wii U's third party lineup in Japan this year.

rainslacker1747d ago

Didn't bother me when he did it a couple weeks ago in respect to the same game, but twice now does seem to be trying to drive a point home that doesn't need to be driven home.

Anyone who followed this game or series knew it wasn't going to remain exclusive. People that don't follow it, probably couldn't care less that it was exclusive before, and that it isn't now.

It's a niche game. I love these kinds of games, so I'm not bashing it...but it certainly won't appeal to the broader audience, and I knew it wasn't going to appeal to the general Xbox audience. This exclusive deal with MS for this game(along with a few others from the same publisher), was all about trying to garner interest in Japan. It worked about as well for them as it did when they did it for JRPG's back at the 360 launch....actually not even as well as that.

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j1mf34r1748d ago

will it be available in north america?

Ryan7411747d ago

This could be possibly the best game on the PS4 this year. Uncharted please hurry.