Why Rocksteady Studios Probably Won't Make A Superman Game

Throwing Digital Sheep discusses why it is currently near impossible to make a Superman game that stays true to the character.

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ThinkThink1752d ago

It really is a challenge bringing superman into a game. Interesting read. I think your best bet would be to create a justice league game and maybe utilize superman on a specific mission designed around him, I don't know. I do know that I'd rather have no superman game than another stinker.

Yi-Long1752d ago

To be honest, I really hope that after 3 'dark' Arkham games, they might try their hand on a more 'fun' and 'lighter' game, like Samurai Pizza Cats, set in a gorgeous big colourful Little Tokyo, full of fun characters and side-missions and such.

The possibilities are endless. The potential huge. And the whole fighting system, the sneaking around, the bouncing off rooftops and soaring through the skies gameplay.... they can all implement that into the game.

itsjustexuma1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Why let a good video game studio go to waste ?

Yi-Long1752d ago

Why would they go to waste? They made 3 fantastic Arkham games, and they said they're done with it, so it would be nice to see them do something fresh and colorful now.

Most games these days seem to be dark & serious, so a huge open world 3d free-roaming action-platformer in a fun setting could be a nice change of pace.

UltraNova1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

If one studio can make a good superman game is Rocksteady and we all know it.

However as many have stated his is a broken character. He has so many iterations and he's even more overpowered with each one its literarly a challenge to presenting him with a beleivable setting where he would actually get to use his powers and stil be fair to that universe.

Now if I were to make a superman game I would focus on full environment destruction, permanent destruction. He would need to be in an infinite world, like no mans sky with unlimited procedural planets and worthy opponents (well most of the time).

Or another idea could have him discover a lost Cryptonian colony far away in another galaxy where that planet orbits a massive yellow sun (yeah that solves alot of issues i know). When he arrives there he discovers that the colony split up in factions some good some impartial some bad and some hell bent in destroying the universe. That way sups can have at it unrestrained.

I know a superman game is a no no in the gaming world but its a damn shame no one has the cohones and ambition to utilise sups universe. Maybe we need more powerfull tech i dont know...what i do know though is that Rocksteady has the chops to do it.

Repjaws1751d ago

Someone who remembers Samurai Pizza cats?OMG,we shoud be friends.

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NuggetsOfGod1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Superman is lame.

Watchmen game ftw!!!

Or coneheads.

BellePelouse1752d ago

The only company that should make a Watchmen game is TellTale, and even then this is absolutely not necessary

ArchangelMike1752d ago

Agreed. Basically the technology has not yet reached a point where we can have a superman game. You would have to be able to fly anywhere around the world, and also destroy anything. The only other way to do it is to remove all his powers at the start of the game, and for him to gradually gain them, with the last one being flight. But I'm not sur ethat would work either, it's way too cliche.

_-EDMIX-_1752d ago

Its not just that....its that his character is too broken! This man is legit the best at everything, how do you even create a normal challenge for him?

Can you even get killed by a normal enemy? lol

Best superman game would be with all of the city with kryptonite bad goons and superman must fight them with smarts until he can get rid of the kryptonite..

Its just too hard to do anything with him based purely on him being created, way, way, way too over powered.

Mutant-Spud1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Agreed, Superman has the powers of a god but most of the time he chooses not to use them. He's a silly character from the outset but most of his life is spent in the guise of Clark Kent anyway, the only way it could work is if they made a game which was 90% Clark and only had a few set pieces as Superman where you got unrestrained use of your powers. It could till be open world but you could have a mission sequence where once Clark's investigations or whatever are done then the phone booths become active and you can change into Superman. I've envisioning something between L.A Noire and Watch Dogs.

SilentNegotiator1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Not every iteration of Superman is that powerful, ya know...

BellePelouse1752d ago

It's not that the character is broken, he has his weakness, either physical or sentimental. But I do agree he is hard to put in a video game

_-EDMIX-_1752d ago

@Silent- I know.

Merely that core Superman lore has him extremely powerful with way, way too many powers to make in a game with real challenge.

I like some of ideas people have been throwing around lol.

Put him in limbo, have him fight in a different realm like in Final Crisis lol.

I even like what Mutant brought up with having him be Superman less and more clark kent, but I would like a game where you play as him as a child growing up and the powers were given to him over the course of the game.

I just disagree with him not being broken, out of all the comic's I've read and films I've seen...he is easily the most broken! For gods sake...he reads someone's mind in the comics! lol, he went back in TIME!

Its literally "comical" no pun intended.

They've made him so over powered and broken, that some of the best comics I've read of him have been with him having less powers not more. The more you give him, the more you make it sorta unfair and even questionable about his ability to not beat some of those bad guys lol.

I also love all the arcs with Batman having some kryptonite on him as to have some insurance on Superman...he's so powerful, we need to know he won't get out of line one day lol.

But Mutant-spud brought up some good points! It can be done, if done a certain way. I'm still not too sure we can have a game if he has all his powers unless he was in some other realm being beat on by all the villain or alternate reality Supermen aka Black Superman or Russian Superman (ie the real man of steel lol)

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Spinal1752d ago

Well just picture GTA 5's world and Superman doing missions around the map hearing people in danger with different situations. Bank robbers, car fallen into a ravine. Someone's child drowning. all these things i can picture in a Rockstar made open world cause GTA 5 open world is

The limit will have to be that Superman cant breathe in space so cannot fly out of the atmosphere. Also the super villains will have to be powerful and some bank robbers say 1 in 5 of em are using kyrptonite augmented weapons so you have to avoid damage from them. Its abit like Batman where 1-2 out of 5 men are using guns.

My dream is that Rockstar will make a Superman game, but for now I just have to wait for the Superman mods on GTA 5 once it lands on PC. Thats one of the top reasons for me to buy GTA 5 a 3rd time for my PC :P (Not getting it at launch tho)

98xpresent1752d ago

I would like a watchmen game from them .

MrDead1752d ago

I would love to see what they could do with the Judge Dredd universe.

chaosx1752d ago

Holy shit ! that is genius ...... would love that #rocksteadydreddgame

gangsta_red1752d ago

I don't see what's so hard about a Superman game.

His abilities can be easily translated to weapon type actions seen in other games. We have already had numerous open world games where the character could fly from one point to the other.

Superman may be invulnerable but he is not invincible, so he can have a health bar and can be damaged by extreme means.

The only thing that would be a challenge is duplicating the amount of damage to your environment in the same way Superman II and Man of Steel did.

But who knows, if Crackdown turns out to be everything that is supposedly promised then we may have our answer to that problem.

DarkOcelet1752d ago

Um, flying at Superhuman speed like supes would make the biggest open world game ever made look a small playground. He is just way too fast.

gangsta_red1752d ago

Play Superman Returns, they handled his speed and did it well. In Fact that game did a lot of things right for a Superman game.

BassMan1251752d ago

I agree, even more after I played Saint Row IV. Have you played it yet? That game give you glimpse that an overpowered superhero game like Superman or Hulk can happen. They just need to adjust what kind of open world they would be in.

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