Dead Rising coming to Wii

DarkZero: The latest issue of Famitu has revealed that Dead Rising, a game which Capcom first released in 2006 for 360 will be coming to Wii. The game is all about photojournalist, a shopping mall, zombies, survivors, and crazed psychopaths. This lead us to praise the game during the original 360 release.

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pwnsause3960d ago

wait so capcom not only disregards PS3 owners, but they give the wii fail console(and seriously you idiots saw nintendo conferece, it was full of fail, and they totaly forgot about the hardcore)the port of this game? bravo capcom, bravo.

donator3960d ago

If they ever ported it to the PS3, I would only buy it if they took out that timer.

AllroundGamer3960d ago

yeah the timer killed the game.

TheExodus3960d ago

@pwnsause: Nintendo hasn't forgotten about hardcore gamers. 1:1 motion control certainly isn't for casual gamers who are more than happy waggling their little sticks at the screen & hoping for the best, it's for hardcore gamers. Stringer might want you to believe that the Wii is an "overpriced niche gaming device," but that's actually what the PS3.

Smacktard3959d ago

Every console conference was full of fail, you blind sheep.

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ps3FTW3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Capcom why? On PS3 it's alot more likely sell better unlike the wii.Sure you can say the wii has a bigger install base but most people are going to buy wii(Fit sports and ETC)over a hardcore game.

ape0073960d ago

why didn't release it to ps3??

it will be downgraded,more awkward

it's like releasing it for ps2

SickNick853960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

i have a ps3 but Sony fail in every one third party is interested in ps3...ps3 is like old dreamcast

donator3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

You cannot be serious... I think you're just over exaggerating. The PS3 is nothing like the Dreamcast. They have a strong first party line up, even with games that have not been announced yet like the one from Team Ico.

They may have lost some third party exclusivity, but you still get to play most of them since they're multiplatform, so what's the problem?

crck3960d ago

with the Cell processor. I think they should of just went with a more conventional tri-core or quad-core design and used the savings to bump the ram to 1 gig. As is smaller 3rd party devs don't know how or can't afford to develop on it. While the bigger 3rd parties just do multiplat that doesn't push the Cell anyway. But it isn't a Dreamcast in terms of support by any stretch of the imagination.

TheExodus3960d ago

PS3's problem isn't architecture, it's price. PS2 was a nightmare for developers at first, but it was amassing an install base at the pace of the Wii today so developers gritted their teeth & took it like a man. Problem for Sony this generation is they over shot what consumers were willing to spend on a game console by $300 & further compounded the problem by launching during a global economic down turn.

qface643960d ago

so is this that wii game they said capcom was gonna reveal? if it is im not really excited in the least

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The story is too old to be commented.