Is It Too Early to Preorder Deus Ex: Mankind Divided?

This trailer is visually stunning but there’s a catch.

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DarkOcelet1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Well, Human Revolution lived up to its hype and pleased old school Deus Ex fans and new fans so this for me is a must have day one.

Kowsky1746d ago

Do you think people new to the series should just go ahead and pre-order too? Or just vets?

I've never played any of the previous games and not sure if I need to play Human Revolution to understand the story here or if it might be worth it to just start here

DarkOcelet1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I think you should seriously pick up Human Revolution Directors Cut. It was really amazing. And the Mankind Divided picks up right after Human Revolution ended so you should play it to have a better experience in the story.

I think Vets should buy this game because the developers certainly have stayed true to the core essense of the original game.

New fans will most likely love it and enjoy the dark conspiracy illuminati theme of the game because ot feels really fresh and bold to what you are used to in games.

Vermigs1746d ago

Not to mention that if you don't like stealth, you don't have to play stealthy. You can always go in guns blazing too. Or go for a combination of stealthy/non-lethal and shoot some of the things that move.

GhostTurtle1746d ago

Awesome response DO. I am curious though, with your response to Kowsky's comment, what about going as far back as the first game? If someone was to just go straight to HR with intent to play Mankind without playing the first Deus, are they missing out?. Is this a Metal Gear type of game with huge lore?

Conzul1746d ago

Well if you missed out on HR entirely then yes, you'll probably be missing out of a bit of forestory and vibe, but not super-badly.

I didn't play the original, but I played HR and I will be getting Mankind Divided on day One. HR was JUST that good. It had some flaws but nothing to make it avoidable.

Man I got SOOO addicted to that hacking minigame in HR...after I cleared an area of enemies I'd STILL go back and hack PCs and defense nets just because that minigame was so fun.

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NuggetsOfGod1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

If console is lead platform then yes.

Imagine.... a game about high tech beingbmade mostly for low tech.

Then again it's dx12. So idk.

Just hope it's a good game and no bad ports.

The last one was awsome! Using the keyboard to type in passwords! Yummy.

If pc is lead them undoubtedly yes on steam!

DarkOcelet1746d ago

Human Revolution was amazing on both PC and Consoles so it wont really matter to me. What matter is that i get to play the game on whatever platform i choose my friend.

Genova841746d ago

I agree that it looks like a day 1 game for me as well, however it is way too soon to put down any money for a preorder. What's the release date? TBA 2016? I usually wait for a firm date before I make any decisions.

DarkOcelet1746d ago

Well, considering Human Revolution was released 2011. I could guess this will either be Q4 2015 or Q1/Q2 2016.

Genova841746d ago

A holiday 2015 release would be amazing! After the TW3, the only other game I'm really looking forward this year is MGS V. A solid dx12 game to end the year would really complete the year!

ginsunuva1745d ago

Um... lots of series have had good games with terrible sequels...

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Jalva1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I can understand why someone would pre-order a new entry in an already proven franchise, but I just don't get it when people pre-order new IP's like Evolve or The Order: 1886, I always wait for the reviews on new IP's and I haven't been let down yet, since games are so expensive these days it makes sense to be more cautious about which ones are worth the money and which ones are not.

Mega241746d ago

Should never pre-order, so the exclusivity trend stops... damn gamestop, practically every retailer wants to do the same thing. having four different versions of the same game with different preorder bonuses hurts the gamers.

MicDude1746d ago

Pre-ordering video games doesn't make sense to me. It's a risk to put down $60 on the idea that a game might be good. If you want to do that though it's your prerogative I guess.

badz1491746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

It depends, really. Where I live, due to currency exchange, original games cost a lot. But there is this store here that is selling it for the equivalent of $10 cheaper if you pre-order. I almost always do just that so I can always get a copy and save some money. But this is really just a specific store here and I'm just sharing a story.

But back on topic, if you're a veteran of the series, why not, right? You kinda know what to expect already but if you're new to the series, it's safer to wait and not getting too excited based on the trailer. Square Enix is deeply involved here and everybody knows they are among the best there is in making CGI thevery least, wait for gameplay reveal or hopefully a demo, then pre-order if you're interested by then.

MicDude1745d ago

A game isn't necessarily going to be good because previous games were good.

Example: Deus Ex Series. Deus Ex was a fantastic game. Invisible War is, or so I've heard, a terrible game; I cannot get IW to run properly on my machine. Human Revolution was a superb game overall, but it has a few issues here and there. Mainly boss fights were badly done. Deus Ex The Fall is utter trash.

I think it's best to wait for reviews and journalists you trust to give you the OK before spending your hard earned money.

I believe pre-ordering is a big contributing factor as to why many video games release in the past few years have been terrible or mediocre at best.

RJ920091746d ago

I like to peroeder games I know i like then perload so I'm ready to go at 9pm lol but only like a few weeks befor

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