Twitch has Banned the Streaming of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus [UPDATE]

UPDATE on April 10th, 2015]

Nichgamer has gotten a clarification for Twitch’s stance towards Senran Kagura: Estival Versus. Apparently, users are allowed to stream the game, but the moment “sexually explicit” acts or content are showcased, they are grounds to have your stream closed, or your account banned.

A Twitch representative gave the details:

“Senran Kagura: Estival Versus is permitted for streaming, but you still must adhere to our Rules of Conduct when doing so. Per our rules regarding sexually explicit acts or content, the sexually suggestive scenes in this game should not be the focus of your stream.”

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DragonKnight1744d ago

*sigh* You know at that point it'd be just better to ban the entire game. Do they not understand what having to pause the stream during such scenes until they are over will do to the stream? It should be that you say your channel is inappropriate for children and can then stream a game like this without said restrictions and that would be enough to cover everyone's behind. You told people your channel is not for kids, Twitch says "hey, they have their channel marked for adults only. Don't blame us for what your kid watches" and that should be that.

NecotheSergal1744d ago

I bet they'd be perfectly fine with you playing Hatred when it's released. Couple of cartoon boobs and sensual depictions?! AW HELL NO. WHY WON'T ANYONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

esemce1744d ago

Yeah violence is all good but a bit of Anime/ cartoon titty well thats just evil.

Remember nudity is a sin, shower in your clothes or risk going to hell.

spacedelete1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

you would thinl how the media views nudity that you would think sex would be a crime in the real world. unless they expect people to have sex with their clothes on.

BC_Master_Haze1744d ago


"Do you even lift bans bruh... Talking to you Australia"
-Twitch 2015

lex-10201744d ago

This partially has to do with legality. Allowing children to view porn is illegal and then hosting a service where porn can be viewed means you fall under rules of porn distribution. Twitch would rather avoid the whole thing so they "ban" it.

NecotheSergal1744d ago

@lex - Can't such things be easily bypassed by maturity content locks on the profile prior to starting the stream? Wherein you're informing any viewer that it's Mature only and you have to be above a certain age to view the content?

It's not the sites fault if a gamer is streaming porn if a child starts viewing a mature channel and lying about their age by any means I'd say. It's like people who played the MMO 'Age of Heroes' or whatever, Marvel tried to sue the MMO devs but failed because it was not THEIR fault that gamers made their heroes to look 'precisely like copyrighted characters' and their lawsuit was dropped.

BrandanT1744d ago

Let's just stick to killing people. You know the rule: Boobs - Hell No, Mutilation - A-okay

WhyWai881743d ago

The very recent example: Mortal Kombat X
That game is more dangerous to kids than cartoon boobs.
can imagine my nephews elbow kicking each other's jaw learning the game...

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Roccetarius1744d ago

The Witcher may have less explicit content than this does, but Twitch is fine with a game like that showing sex scenes. It boggles my mind why there are different rules for such a game.

And the Adults thing is more often than not a joke, considering they have double standards as far as streaming content goes.

subtenko1744d ago

Well in this case we can blame Twitch for these matters since they are responsible. Enough people complain, they will change it to your method...


_LarZen_1744d ago

Ok Twitch. No boobs and sex. More killing people with buckets of blood.

The double standards from Twitch and most American companies is so F**kt up it's not even funny anymore.

thereapersson1744d ago

This is what happens when something that is delivered to the common masses gets super popular regardless of what you label as "AO". Butthurt bigwigs worried about losing their advertising / sponsor dollars because idiots who let their children run rampant on their phones / facebook / etc. have access to such services get upset when their precious, innocent little child is exposed to "adult" content.

The f'n world we live in, man...

nyobzoo1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

onechabasara and DOA is ok for streaming though

ThunderPulse1744d ago

DOA can be pretty "intense" lol

SaveFerris1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Digital breasts are dangerous according to Twitch. They will warp their users fragile little minds. /s

Snookies121744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

That's right, we need to take this further. We have to ban all breasts, digital and real!

Lol, it's just so freaking stupid. We in America are so backwards when it comes to censoring... I hate censoring in any form though, so it's hard not to be biased here.

BG115791744d ago

They are dangerous because they are not real.
Not real breast are weapons of mass destruction!

BC_Master_Haze1744d ago

Then f*** Iran they can keep their WMDs! Angelina Jolie is much more of a viable threat /S

On topic: I don't get how something so natural can be dismissed as wrong or inappropriate when killing hundreds is not. I'm okay with both, not going to lose my mind. It's so idiotic, they don't realise kids these days will find them regardless.

PurpHerbison1744d ago

Meanwhile it is okay to show bodies being absolutely mutilated on Mortal Kombat.

thereapersson1744d ago

The ass backwards state of a country that is focused on patriotism and spreading "democracy" around the world.

Violence is okay but sex is a no-no. Goes back to the Christian / Muslim extremism and crusading that has existed for hundreds of years, where you're allowed to eviscerate / decapitate someone with a sword, but if you look at boobs you're the scum of the Earth and not fit for the "Heavenly Kingdom" / Allah's paradise.

exnoob1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )


Conzul1744d ago

lol we don't give a shit about spreading democracy around the world, that's just our corporate-sponsored rulers' tagline.

We'd do something about it, but they made us all obese.

lizard812881744d ago

To add to Conzul comment,

They also made us think 'Merica is bestest country in the world and we are number #1 at everything, so why give a shit about some other country that isn't 'merica.

BC_Master_Haze1744d ago

Exactly why I'm getting the f*** away from north America. I love my country Canada, but our government is moving in the same direction as the state's and its unhealthy.

Sweden, proportional representation and socialism here I come!

Chinkyinc181744d ago

First, this is about Twitch, not 'Murica. We love bacon, guns, and porn; it's just there is a small group of Puritans who F* it up for the rest of us.
Two, not our fault we perfected imperialism through "the spread of 'democracy'"; it was the rest of the world that was ignorant enough to fall for it.
Three, we don't think we're the best, we know it.
Four, if you're tired of gov'ts/companies telling you what and what not is okay to view, why the hell do you think Sweden would be any better? Socialism is all about the nanny state and telling you what's PC or not. Proportional representation? Ever heard of the old saying, "Politician only have one constituent"?

P.S. - Take this comment with a grain of salt. Except for 4. Take that seriously. I love America, but like every country, we have our faults, too.
This is all Twitch; there is no FCC regulation on the internet, that's for the private entities like Twitch to decide.

Conzul1744d ago

Sweden isn't perfect by any stretch, but they don't treat protesters nearly as badly as my lovely homeland does.
Protest changes the world if it is uninterrupted. The Man knows this.

dreamed1743d ago

Maybe its the conspiracy of global de-population,so killing is good & sex/reproduction is bad?

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