Naughty Dog: Uncharted Trophies coming 'very soon'

Joystiq's Randy Nelson writes: "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune developer Naughty Dog tells us that a patch to add PlayStation Trophy support to the game will be available by mid-August. Company co-president Evan Wells says that the update has already been submitted for quality assurance testing and could hit sooner.

According to Wells, the patch was "incredibly easy" to implement because the game already contains preliminary support for Trophies via its Medals reward system. He further revealed that these hooks were actually included because Naughty Dog thought Sony would roll out Trophies before Uncharted's November 2007 launch.

As with other PS3 titles getting retroactive Trophy support, Uncharted will require those who've already completed the game to play through again in order to unlock Trophies, even if they had previously earned every Medal. Wells says this is primarily to prevent people from simply using someone else's save data to artificially bolster their Trophy collection. Shame on you for even thinking about it."

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ape0074842d ago

Naughty Dog

love you

respect you guys :)

BulletToothtony4842d ago

i've beat it three times already and i want to play it again, but holding back for trophy support!!

Too bad naughty dog didn't get the chance to show their new game today :(

meepmoopmeep4841d ago

ah, great to wake up to this news :D

can't wait to replay Uncharted again for the trophies. one of my fav new IP's in the last 10 yrs.

pwnsause4842d ago

mid-august, sounds good.

Bolts4842d ago

Mid August is not soon :(

Lord_Ash4842d ago

I agree a whole month is not soon, but it will be worth the wait.

badz1494842d ago

by the time this patch comes out, I'll have my HDTV ready for my true HD gaming! (at last!!) :D how long have I been waiting to buy my own tv and it's going to be HD?! have been gaming on PS3 since august last year but yet to play on HDTV! I was planning to play some of my games again on my HDTV and forget about buying new games for awhile! this just makes Uncharted my top priority! the graphics are awesome and the story is compelling and fun! thanks in advance Naughty Dog for the patch. I simply love Uncharted!!

wolfehound224842d ago

Although I agree 30 days are not soon. He also said that it was finished and submitted for quality check and could be released sooner.

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Lord Anubis4842d ago

great i'll replay it once the trophies are released.

DarkArcani4842d ago

Now I guess ill wait. Maybe play MGS4 or Warhawk to kill time.

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