DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Receives Patch to Fix Multiple Issues

A patch was released today to correct bugs for both PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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sigfredod1754d ago

AF was enable on the ps4 with this patch, so it was nothing like performance issue or worse than the other version like some sites tried to make it look like, it was not active at all for some reason

Abash1754d ago

Geez,it only took them a month....

dantesparda1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Don't get me wrong I am glad they patched it in, but why wasn't it on in the first place? And why did it take a month to implement? These developers are just proving themselves to be sloppy as all hell and missing to many things this gen. I mean seriously, how could you let something as simple AF slip by?

JWiLL5521754d ago

Awesome! I just picked this up.

The AF issues PS4 is having are truly odd considering it's not a hardware or performance issue. Glad that Sony is aware and plans to make it easier for devs.

gfk3421754d ago

You are right. More and more developers are patching the AF, without having a hit on performance. Two weeks ago also Dying Light received a similiar patch for PS4, but also included better LOD and improved lighting, without any hit on performance.

Also, PS4 version of GTAV received a patch further to which no frame drops in traffic (

So in the case of GTAV as well it was not due to a CPU power issue ( as Digital Foundry initially stated), but rather due to poor optimisation.

spacedelete1754d ago

this kind of exposes DF that they just bullsh*t and don't know what they are talking about and assume too much without facts just to gain hits by causing fanboy wars.

No_Pantaloons1754d ago

Not so definitive if it still needs patching.

Scottyxboxoneandps41754d ago

So DF don't know what they are talking about and just make things up? Is it not just the fact they are reporting what they find at the time of testing with no chance of knowing what might be patched in the future? And what made you the expert? I swear some on this site like talking through their poo pipe!!!

cruzngta1754d ago

Thats more like it. PS4 should not have to have AF patched it but at least its happening. So many people jumping on PS4 and saying it couldnt do AF now they can just shut up and realize that MS is not the only company who can optimize code for their console. PS4 is a beast and should always have the definitive versions of all the third party games due to superior hardware. Dying light is night and day now as well. Lets hope they get to a point where AF is in the games day one on PS4 like on The Bone.