Battlefield: Hardline Reclaims Top Spot in Latest Nordic Game Charts

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin can only make it to number 15 this week in Nordic game charts for week 14 of 2015

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yezz1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Considering how well movies like Transformers sell.. I'm not surprised at all that this is on top.. Especially younger people simply don't care, they think that the newest is always the best.

All my friends have a bit more sense in them and they bought the discounted BF4 Premium edition instead, that was half the price and includes a lot more content... If you want that Premium edition for Hardline it costs about 130€ here. ridiculous...

Hysteria941743d ago

I like the game but I'm not spending $70 au on premium for hardline plus I have to take breaks from the game because it gets a bit eh after a few hours

700p1743d ago

its not even that, maybe people are actually enjoying the game? I didn think bf hardine was a bad game.

yezz1740d ago

It's definitely not better than BF4 though and the premium costs 130€, that's simply absurd..