Raging Justice, New 3D Brawler Arrives On Steam Greenlight

One Angry Gamer "In desperate need of a punk-grunge beat-‘em-up game that features hard hitting fisticuffs, no-holds-barred weapons and violent beatdowns with the scum of the alleyways and the dirge of the Earth? Well, you came to the right place because Raging Justice has just what you’re looking for."

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GameTechZero1747d ago

I love these old school brawlers. In 3D is even more cool.

dead_pixels1747d ago

While I'm a huge fan of the beat-'em-up genre, I have to say this looks pretty trashy. The janky animation and clay-like character models look completely soulless and lack that charm that Capcom, Konami, and Sega's brawlers had in spades.

Xman2K1746d ago

I'm with you, only good '3D' bat em up was Warriors, the fighting mechanics were terrific. I prefer hand drawn 2D and this looks hideous and slow and clay like...