The Beauty of Driveclub

Miami Sprites writes: "Driveclub, a racing game plagued at launch by connectivity issues, and a game yet to fulfil the promise of a free version for PS+ members, has become one of my favourite racing games in years. The constant stream of new content, the super tight driving mechanics, the sense of speed and the variety of cars to tame are all perfectly in-tune with my taste, but there’s something else too. I can’t stop looking at the damn thing."

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AGoodLittleEgg1754d ago

This game keeps impressing! It's amazing what kind of shots you can get with dat photo mode too

demonddel1754d ago

I finally play Driveclub which is a beautiful game but something seems off about the driving and how ur reacts in certain situations waiting for gt7

medman1754d ago

It's an arcade racer, not a sim...maybe that's what you're feeling, "seems off"?

LA_Zeo1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

I don't know what Evolution did with that stability update not too long ago but I was highly upset when I got knocked down to a position I was never in.

Forn1753d ago

That's so strange. Haven't had that happen to me yet.