Sony Morpheus VR Interview

Sony execs Richard Marks and Shuhei Yoshida explain why Sony is investing in virtual reality with Morpheus for PS4 in this exclusive interview from GDC 2015 in San Francisco.

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SaveFerris1748d ago

Good interview.
I hope that Sony will have some fully-fledged games for Morpheus rather than 'mini-games' like Sports Champions.

S2Killinit1748d ago

Gotta lov Shuhei, he is like a kid in a toy store. Its what makes him unique in the industry i think.

Can't wait to jump into VR.

WizzroSupreme1748d ago

Morpheus is a dream come true. Our VR future is here!

Sm00thop1748d ago

VR isn't going to be any good for a long time, way to many problems to solve and you'll need some pretty hefty hardware to get the most out of it. To be honest I don't think it'll take off like some people are thinking.

SteamPowered1748d ago

There is some duality to that: I have no idea how a console will do VR. Unless the Morpheus has some kind of GPU/CPU within, I have no idea how they will get that fidelity.

The other side of that, is of course the Pc crowd. Take a look at the Oculus Share site. It will blow your mind how far VR has come.

Try a VR headset with the right apps and I guarantee you will change your tune. Media without VR is like looking through a window. VR is actually being there.

Sm00thop1748d ago

I just don't get how they'll get the movement down, seems like it'd be awkward moving your head around and trying to aim at something, especially with fast paced games. It looks like VR would excell with more on rail types of games and like you said its having the right apps that suit it, maybe I'm connecting it to the way we play games now to much. I'll try and stay open minded about VR, but I do still have my doubts.

A few other things that they need to clear up on are the effects on your health, can it cause eye damage, will swinging your neck around with a headset on for hours cause long term damage, these are genuine concerns people are going to have with it.

WeAreLegion1748d ago

But we're already seeing gorgeous games on both Oculus and Morpheus.

And what problems? Those problems seem to be non-existent now with the latest builds of both devices.

VR is going to be massive.

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