The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Explores Racism and More

"Racial discrimination comes in all forms and shapes from judging those who don't look like us, talk like us or come from our part of the world. Those who racially discriminate are narrow minded, they fail to see the beauty in diversity and thus miss out on so much of what our world has to offer." -

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Frankskint1751d ago

I think more developers should explore this subject a lot more, especially in light of all the recent shootings of unarmed black men by white police officers circulating the news. Now imagine if Battlefield Hardline developers had the guts to write a story about something similar with a massive cover up of evidence after a racially profiled shooting.
Now that would make for a damn interesting game to play don't you think.

SeanScythe1751d ago

You mean the only one that happened recently right? Because the others that the media hyped up were proven to be justified. Hands up don't shoot was a lie and proved made up, and travon was the instigaiter and attacker. The racecard is so over played and the media keep slinging it around like monkeys throwing poo, the hope that it sticks and the get a story. The lastest cop shoot was horrible and it's great the bad cop is in prison he murdered that man and had no reason. But if you look at the statistics whites are killed by cops way more than blacks. Also most blacks are killed by other blacks, why isn't that mentioned in the news? They had a white guy who was unarmed shot by a black cop a few months ago but no one mentioned it in the news. Guess it only matters if it's a black man killed by a white man.... Sad Martin Luther king would be sicked by this world if he could see it today. Judge me by my character, NOT the color of my skin. The media has completey reveresed that and character no longer matters just what color you are.

medman1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Suurrreeee you're need to do more research if you think "the only one that happened recently" is the only one that happened recently. And it's true, people of all races are subjected to police brutality, but minorities are profiled and harassed far more often. Anyone arguing that is an ostrich with their head stuck, well, we all know where.

In addition, you mention most blacks are killed by other blacks...guess what genius? Most whites are killed by other whites....what's your point, exactly? You want that mentioned in the nightly news also? You're lost. People bring their prejudices to their jobs, and when that job is police officer, that leads to problems when people of a different skin to the officer in question put the officer in a position where they may or may not feel threatened...they will react differently. Heck, a few months ago a white officer fired upon a black man he stopped for a simple moving violation, when that black man reached back inside his vehicle to get his registration...THAT THE OFFICER HAD ASKED FOR!! And you know what some folks said? Why did the guy reach back into the if the shooting was the poor guy's fault. Since when is shoot first ask questions later acceptable by the police? Only when the racist scum out there see it's a minority that got shot. The better question is would the officer have shot the guy if the black guy was a pretty white college girl. We all know the answer. Stop your nonsense and get some discernment.

HammadTheBeast1749d ago

Let's be real. Trayvon and that other guy aside, there's dozens of bullshit arrests and killings which may or may not be based on skin color.

SeanScythe1748d ago

I agree HammadTheBeast, but the media will only harp on the ones that they know will make a story and give them ratings. We all know that there are a lot of bad cops that let power go to their heads. I have several members of my family in the police force and I will tell them all that I rarely trust cops just because of the power hype. Now why doesn't the media flip out when a Black cop shoots a Black, Hispanic or White man? Because that's not a good story and doesn't push the narrative that all whites are racist.

SeanScythe1750d ago

Yeah I think you're letting your rascist mind play games with facts. But talking to someone that slings the racecard as soon as facts are brought to the argument just shows you can't hold your position. The reason more blacks and minorities are profiled is because of thug and gang mentality. Even though whites are the majority there are far more minorities in prison when it comes to blacks and Hispanics, why? Because of gangs, why aren't Asians as high as blacks and Hispanics? Because they are less likely to be involved in gangs. The DOJ has it statistics the show the crime rates by races. Are there bad cops and racist people? YES but they don't make up the majority, why is it when a black cop kills a black man there isn't a cry of outrage by the media and liberals? Because that doesn't further their agenda. And where is the info you got that more whites are killed by other whites? I haven't seen that statistic?

JWiLL5521751d ago

Dragon Age touched on this a bit I believe.

Though both titles seem more about Elven racism I guess it still correlates to real life...