GTA 5's PC-exclusive video editor is its killer feature

PC Gamer:

After playing GTA 5 on PC, I’m not overly excited about playing in 4K resolution at 60 frames-per-second. Nor does the prospect of a prettier draw distance and foliage stand out as sufficient reason to replay Rockstar’s classic. These things help of course—GTA 5 on PC looks gorgeous—but something else, something intrinsically ‘PC’, has me more interested.

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sigfredod1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

i will not call it "killer" hyperbole much? but its cool

LifeInNZ1742d ago

I'm guessing it would be deemed a killer feature no matter which platform it was exclusive for.

Crimzon1742d ago

Considering what passes for 'megaton' and 'AAA' these days, I'll give 'em the label of killer feature for a video editor.

Halo2ODST21741d ago

Didn't Halo 3 have this mode (Theature mode) way back in 2007, nice to see RockStar keeping up

plmkoh1742d ago

"something intrinsically ‘PC’, has me more interested."

Hahaha, yeah OK.

WeAreLegion1742d ago

To be fair, this is an excellent feature. An in-depth video editor is a great thing on a game like this. I'd love to see it in Just Cause 3, too.

Saijahn1741d ago

for a game that was supposedly not coming to PC, they certainly are getting the best version of it.

Maul_T_Pass1741d ago

A PC Version was planned since day 1. Even Rockstar themselves confirmed this recently...

Saijahn1741d ago

after denying it for how long? Either way i'm happy for PC gamers and can't wait to see what kind of mods they do.

Perjoss1741d ago

I really hope they have nailed the controls for FPS view using keyboard and mouse, that would be incredible. Video editing mode sounds awesome too.