The Time is Right for Rock Band vs Guitar Hero Round 2

Harmonix announced a new Rock Band and rumours of Activision announcing a new Guitar Hero are all but confirmed. Round two of Rock band vs Guitar Hero is here and soon you'll have a chance to be a virtual rock star once again.

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MilkMan1743d ago

Not really. I'm not trying to have all these damn plastic toys in my crib again with crappy ass graphics and ridiculous ways to log in and play a quick game and spend all this cash just so I can have the "feeling" of being a chump on stage playing my favorite 1 or 3 tracks out 100 most obscure tracks ever made.
Personally I can wait another 5 years, until some actual music comes out that I care about.
Cant remember the last decent rock band, and I know they are going to make me re-pay for everything I already bought. So short answer, no thank you.

KrystofKage11743d ago

They said last generation songs will be transferable to the new game, and most likely instruments too.

Rock Band 3 was critically acclaimed for it's huge library, real instrument mode, and innovative menu.

I have a hard time believing you played these games at all.

FriedGoat1742d ago

Well said.
I'm picking up an Xbone just for this (as all my DLC is on my 360).

UmbrellaBlimp1743d ago

You should work all that out with a therapist and maybe stop playing video games all together.

MilkMan1743d ago

My gaming history is easy enough to very, look me up on Xbox: Big Latin Dude, check my game history and achievements.

In the meantime I wonder how they'll handle how most games cross migrated from one platform to the next. 360 was all the hype last gen, but now this gen its all about (mostly) PS4, so how are they handling that?

pivotplease1743d ago

They've already said cross-compatibility will be tied to specific brands. So Xbox 360 would only be compatible with X1 while PS3 would be with PS4.

Also PS3 was just as popular as the 360 I would argue. They were neck in neck like no other systems before. I think PS3 won by a few million globally, but 360 probably had the edge in the US. This gen isn't even comparable. Its close to a 2:1 ratio and the PS4 is winning in all countries too.

DougLord1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

I liked Rock Band and Guitar Hero but these really can't make use "Next-Gen" power. And frankly - they don't need any additions in the GFX area. I think they should do a direct port of the best version from last gen, and make it FREE TO PLAY (with some generic songs they don't have to pay royalties for) but you have to buy additional songs individually or artist/thematic collections. May the old peripherals work so you can use them if you have them. Make new peripherals for those that can't find their old ones. Ohh and like pool ques or real instruments let other companies make ELITE peripherals for people that take it serious and participate in competitions - but charge a licensing fee. Can you imagine Bender releasing a $150 limited edition Rock Band guitar?

OMFG if they let you transfer songs for free (or even for $5-$10) - I am 100% getting this. I have hundreds of songs from the originals. This is ultimate couples game night stuff.

Digital_Anomaly1743d ago

Yeah man, they've already stated that songs purchased previously will be transferable. I'd imagine it'll be within the same platforms mind you (360 to One/PS3 to PS4) but it'd be great if they could figure it out to transfer any way you like.

My RB library is massive! Spent far too much on it to just give it up so the transfer is a huge plus in my books.

Time to get the Friday night beer drinkin' band back together!

Revolver_X_1743d ago

These games are great socially. Especially if your drinking, lol. Outside of that, I never really played either if it wasn't with friends. I always felt though that Guitar Hero was harder to get good at, so I enjoyed it more.

pivotplease1743d ago

The guitar mechanics and charts were a bit more refined, but I enjoyed nothing more than Expert drums in Rock Band. Got burnt out on GH on the third one, before they even did a sloppy RB clone.

desertpunk861743d ago

rock band all the way until i die rock band 4 life!

pivotplease1743d ago

Can't wait for Rock Band 4. And they are taking such a customer friendly approach if you watch their interviews. Guitar Hero and Activision though can go die in a hole. Honestly, Harmonix knows where it's at (considering they started Frequency/Amplitude, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band).

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