Witcher III's best PS4/XO preorder is £41.13

Dealspwn: Witcher III's best PS4/XO preorder is £41.13
The hype is keeping pre-order prices for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt very high indeed. With the next best deal sitting at £45 you'll need all the discount you can get. Thankfully, today's new VGB discount code knocks 10% off their price bringing it down to a slightly more reasonable £41.13 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Another option is Where you can bring the price down to £40.54 by using another voucher code.

Geralt's latest adventure is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious games we've seen for ages, with a huge world to explore. Your choices will directly affect events in the game world, even during optional quests. Developers, CD Projekt RED have said the game won't be stuffed with the usual A-B fetch quests either, which typically plague the genre. Dragon Age: Inquisition impressed, but this is the RPG experience we're hoping is really going to rip up the rule book.

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