Watch 30 mins of new Xenoblade Chronicles X footage and preorder for just £33.93

Dealspwn writes: Wow. Have you seen that video? Xenoblade Chronicles X is one of our most eagerly awaited games and this is the cheapest preorder price we've seen by some distance. Use the voucher code below to get 10% off the regular price.

The first Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the best RPGs of the last decade but is increasingly rare and expensive on the original Wii. A 3D remaster is headed to the New 3DS soon. In fact you can order Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for just £26.73 if you use the same discount code. Xenoblade Chronicles X looks set to really blow the lid off the genre though with a gorgeous world to explore driving or flying around with your mech, getting into scraps with it or maybe hopping out and enjoying some melee fights of your own. There are so many reasons to own a Wii U already, but this is the exclusive that Ninty should be really proud of.

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