Black Ops III looks set to crib off Deus Ex, but can it wow us after Advanced Warfare?

Dealspwn: "You can't keep a secret on the internet. Just hours after a teaser trailer started doing the rounds, we now know loads of details about Call Of Duty: Black Ops III thanks to the magic of source code.

This sounds very promising indeed, and in fact, Call Of Duty appears to be taking inspiration from Deus Ex rather than Titanfall this time."

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bggriffiths1744d ago

I like COD most years, but I've never been a fan of BLOPS's plot. Ha, because that's why we play COD games. I do make myself laugh. Hope they'll take some of AW's movement systems though

Blues Cowboy1744d ago

I actually really liked Blops' storyline. Especially the branching narrative in 2 that can end in loads of different ways, and shows you more about the characters.

Didn't disagree, though, because your opinion is totally valid. I guess. :P

bggriffiths1744d ago

I should report you. This is the internet. This is no place for respecting other people's opinions. How. Dare. You. :p

Automatic791744d ago

I will give BLOPS a try but to me Advanced Warfare is the best Call of duty in the last 3 versions of Call of Duty in reference to both campaign and multiplayer.

Blues Cowboy1743d ago

Yeah, AW was a real breath of fresh air and a huge step up from Ghosts. Feel it reinvigorated the whole franchise, and Blops 3 will have to either step things up or pull things back to impress us.

Definitely agree, AW felt like a complete package. Really enjoyed the campaign and still dipping into the MP. No pressure Treyarch!

Matt6661742d ago

one new thing (exo abilities) doesnt make up for years of copy and paste effort.

1743d ago
Yo Mama1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Exo suits suck. "Advanced Rooftop Fighter" sucks. Bring back traditional ground based COD. No jumping and flying around.

And for God's sake, make killstreaks mean something. Make them powerful like they used to be.

yankolo1743d ago

My COD list goes like this...MW2...BO2...AW..

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