Xenoblade Chronicles X lets you install different files to improve load times with the disc version

The Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles X website was updated today with information regarding file installation.

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Nerdmaster1744d ago

Interesting. Next step: console games letting us choose graphics options so we can improve framerate and/or resolution.

Concertoine1744d ago

Bioshock did it, that game looked way better at a faster framerate.

TheTwelve1744d ago

Yep, as well as Last of Us on PS4

Kevlar0091744d ago

I remember playing Bioshock 2, looking at the settings and wondering what the unlocked FPS was for. It warned of reduced performance, yet it played so much better (more fluid). Then I thought about Infinite, and applied it there as well.

rdgneoz31744d ago

My first thought when reading this was how the PS4 and xbone just install the whole game to improve load times.

gameboy11744d ago

If you download the entire game on eshop you don't suffer from slightly longer load times so whats your point.

rainslacker1744d ago

I wish they wouldn't. Maybe the game files, but the media files should just stream from the disc. Even then, in-engine cutscene stuff could still remain on the disc, and cache to the disc as necessary. The full install is just ridiculous, and I'd prefer to have the option there.

This was likely done to save wear and tear on the laser assemblies, as they are the most prone to failure in any optical drive based system. Or could be because they were meant to be all digital like what MS had. Either way, wish they would change that.

themonado1744d ago

I wonder how long the load times are without the packs?

wonderfulmonkeyman1744d ago

Probably big enough to be a concern to some, if this is their solution.
I want to see a video detailing the different load times both pre and post dowenload.

MilkMan1744d ago

Id just go ahead and buy this whole thing digital and be done with it.

DiscoKid1744d ago

I like this. Was worried since I have no external storage atm for the digital copy.

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