What’s Square-Enix’s big new secret? Here’s why it’s probably not Star Ocean 5

Square-Enix started teasing a new title on their official website, under a page ever-so-tantalisingly-named ‘secrets’. Everyone is pretty convinced that it's going to be Star Ocean 5, but Thumbsticks have found some information that suggests it might not be...

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AudioEppa2596d ago

I hope it's Kane and Lynch 3

Damn the haters!

But most likely something boring or a ios game..

MeteorPanda2596d ago

thinking the same thing, a ios or HD ff game. Isn't ff10 coming to ps4?

Skate-AK2596d ago

Yeah but there is no way they would hype up a re-release of a remaster.

pivotplease2596d ago

Going to take that as sarcasm. Please be excited.

STK0262596d ago

I loved Kane and Lynch 2, the game looked somewhat dated, and it didn't offer anything new in the gameplay department, but it was a very good couch co-op game. And I personally like the protagonists and the way they keep sinking throughout the game.

3-4-52596d ago

* The S is too close to center to be the start of a word.

* Words don't start in the middle like that.

* Therefore, the S is actually within the word but it's not the beginning letter of the word.

OmegaShen2596d ago

All of FF13, its Square Enix.

I'll take Star Ocean 5 over anything else (as long as they didn't mess it up).

DOMination-2596d ago

Thankfully Square Enix don't actually develop the Star Ocean games, Tri-Ace do

pecorre2596d ago

Probably a mobile game.

Servbot412596d ago

Even if it was Star Ocean, SE would find a way to **** it up by making it mobile F2P game or developing it themselves instead of letting tri-Ace do their thing.

Summons752596d ago

But I want a Star Ocean on Ps4. TLH was an awesome game.

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The story is too old to be commented.