Destiny – Xur is Selling the SUROS Regime, Here’s Why You Should Buy It

Xur: Agent of the Nine is selling the SUROS Regime rifle this week in Destiny, we suggest you dish out the strange coins and pick it up.

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Yama1751d ago

What a time to be alive...

SmokingMonkey1751d ago

I've got Red Death, and was going to stick with that for my AR.

Is Suros better than Red Death?

Seems like a 'yes' for PVP healing.

kyzer19781751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

No, Red Death is better. Bungie really nerfed the Suros with the last update. I would say that even the Hard Light is better than Suros now because of it's better stability perks and faster fire rate.

SmokingMonkey1751d ago

Thanks, I will save my Strange Crack...I mean Coins for something else.

Xur has a problem, and he needs to admit it.

GameSpawn1751d ago

The healing only occurs randomly at the bottom half of the mag. Red Death is guaranteed heal on kill (hence its use during Crota Hard - Thralls are easy regen fuel).

Since the last patch all Auto Rifles took a huge dump from what they once were. Up for Anything was one of the best primaries I had until the last patch (and me getting a hold of MIDA). You really are better off in most cases with a Scout or Pulse Rifle now for mid to long range, ARs have been boned to the short to mid range category. Hand Cannons just have insane impact going for them, but without the fire rate that rifles have they need it to have comparable DPS. Outside of PvP base damage and light level matter, in PvP (except Iron Banner) impact is king.

kyzer19781751d ago

Yep that and the Vanquisher III as well. I'm still holding on to my Up For Anything for now but I ended up dismantling the Vanquisher because I just don't use it anymore. It's a shame :(

InTheLab1751d ago

Currently the suros is not as strong as Red Death but it's still one of the top weapons in the game.

Honestly, I think it's only a matter of time before bungie rebalances the game so that pulse rifles aren't god mode. When that happens, Suros will be valuable again so you might want to pick it up just in case.

SmokingMonkey1751d ago

Oops good call, I assumed.

BC_Master_Haze1751d ago

All good, admittedly I thought the same before I got it

wcas1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Since the auto rifle nerf, The Suros Regime is currently not a very desirable option. However, If you have extra strange coin to burn it's not a bad idea to pick it up. Bungie may decide later that they nerfed auto rifles too much and buff them a little. Then it would again be a good weapon. Not only that but the Suros is fun to tool around with during bounties, strikes etc.

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kyzer19781751d ago

Not really needed if you already have the Red Death. Ever since the Pulse Rifle buff and the Auto Rifle debuff the Red Death is clearly the better exotic for PVP as well as PVE.

Christopher1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Only reason is if you are new to the game or don't play often enough to get better legendaries or exotics. Absolutely no other reason to get it otherwise. Oh, and unless you need the grimoire score.

brettyd1751d ago

Took a chance on it, glad i did. Pretty effective in PvP.

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