Huge Xbox Spring Sale is Now On

Spring is officially in the air and, in celebration, you can save big on games, movies, and TV shows with fresh deals for the entire family!


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Godz Kastro1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Nice! Just got paid son!

@Fallen... Yeah, i thought this was different than what i saw last night on the dashboard.

Might pick up that Shadow of Mordor Pass though.

FallenRain1749d ago

I wish the actual games were on sale and not just the season passes...

SteamPowered1749d ago

Im disappointed with this selection. I want more games, not season passes. In fact, Season Passes can fly off the earth for all I care.

Macdaddy711749d ago

I have to agree I'm not buying passes then down the road they kick a game server n I lose all that money....never done with Dlc's also..if they turn off server to games we lose all I mean All our online stuff No Thank You

spicelicka1749d ago

I still can't believe they don't make DLC free for games that are like 4 years old. Like seriousaly, the DLC is more expensive than the actual game.

Stiffler1749d ago

I've always wondered the same thing spice. Honestly, how many people would still be dishing out cash in large quantities for old season passes and content? Must me something otherwise they wouldn't be doing it still, right?

But yeh, on topic again; These deals aren't too shabby, little more season passes than I'd like but I'm not complaining. Deals are deals :)

XanderZane1748d ago

Well they did do it for Titanfall. All it's DLC is now FREE and the game isn't even 2yrs old yet. I actually need to download all that FREE content. I agree though. After 2 or 3 years, the DLC should be free. They will just bring out a Game of the Year version with all the content anyway.

Yukonsbud1749d ago

I agree, season passes and DLC need to stop! I would love to kill a yeti on FC4, but I'm not paying for it when I paid $60 for the damn game...

spicelicka1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Serious sam 3 $3.29! My first purchase of an arcade game and the best purchase I've made. It's so much funnn!

BattleTorn1749d ago

I was waiting to double dip on Risk! Aha!

Anyways, yeah - GTFH with your Season Pass. BS

PS. Does the Ryse SP add anything cool?

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The story is too old to be commented.