Wii U Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X Mecha Video Will Make Fans Cry With Joy, Reveals Online Co-Op

One of the most relevant features of Xenoblade Chronicles X is the ability to pilot transformable mecha named "Dolls," and today Nintendo aired a long video explaining how they work

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MrSwankSinatra1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

MY GOD, Those character models look so damn ugly it's infuriating.

Abriael1747d ago

I'm not infuriated. The game looks amazing overall.

MrSwankSinatra1747d ago

Well that's you...

I'm not even a huge advocate for superb graphics, but man I hate those character models so much.

BiggerBoss1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

The models sure dont "infuriate" me, but seeing as the rest of the game is so beautiful, I dont see why the character models are so ugly

vishmarx1747d ago

what saddens me is the soundtrack, i just heard all the samples and disc 1 is amazing and rest of it is dogs***.
half of it is garbage engrish rap/vocals and the remaining is attack on titan.
game looks amazing though.
too bad with the delay of zelda im not gonna be buying a wii u anytime soon

themonado1747d ago

@biggerboss It's probably because they put a ton of resources in making the environments and enemies look good

never4get1747d ago

Massive Multiplayer Online Co-Op, that would be Amazing.

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Neonridr1747d ago

I dunno, maybe their eyes are a little too big, but they don't really bother me that much.

I can live with some less than perfect character models if they are giving me online co-op, countless hours of gameplay (if the Wii version was anything to go by), great story, and overall great gameplay.

Sometimes one can be too picky. The Order had great visuals, but the game was sort of lacking in other areas.

So wouldn't you rather have a better game than better graphics?

MrSwankSinatra1747d ago

It's not a matter of it being a better game or having better graphics, they just needed a better artist.

Ahmay1747d ago

big eyes r more attractive than small eyes!

Ahmay1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )


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F0XHOUND1747d ago

Lol, I could go play white knight chronicles or an old SNES RPG and be immersed by it.... this game isn't ffxv visually, but I know it will be awesome and immersive!

Madock1747d ago


MrSwankSinatra1747d ago


Segata1747d ago

Says the guy with FFXV Gay jpop noctis avatar and his bum buddies. Nomura is seriously the worst. Surprised we don't see 1300 belts and Zippers.

kingdomtriggers1747d ago

I'm going to play the shit out of both FFXV And xenoblade chronicles x and love them both because I'm not a fanboy. But its funny to call out FFXV character designs (which are pretty modest for Square Enix) when you just watched a video with the main character wearing super skin tight pants that exposed his ass. Lol we all know that solid snake is the only guy character who can pull that off.

Segata1747d ago

@Kingdomtriggers XCX are fully custom so is the armor. FFXV so far showing you are stuck looking like a jpop band

wonderfulmonkeyman1747d ago

They just confirmed that online co-op is a thing, AND ALL YOU HAVE TO COMMENT ON IS THE DAMNED CHARACTER MODELS?
Dude, just stop.

WPX1747d ago

Of course, they need to focus on the bad things.
It's "the (hater's) norm" on every Nintendo article.

DeusEx-Machina1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Putting it in relation reveals how petty and immature these complaints are.

I get why people are not 100% behind the art-syle of the character faces, but they are definitely not THAT bad.

Seriously, seeing how people manage to be blind towards anything else a game has to offer, but pick the utmost trivial thing just to make a big fuss about, just shows the state the modern gaming community really is in.

Frankly, I couldn't be more disgusted right now.

darkstar181747d ago

You do know you can customise each chracter in a party right? put a helmet on them and stop complaining lol problem solved.

jholden32491747d ago

Probably cause you're a westernized pop gamer that is expecting realism and not Japanese-focused character artstyles

This is a JRPG, with Japanese style character models. I think they look fantastic. Features are intentionally exaggerated like the eyes and jawbone lines. That's just how the Japanese draw characters. These look WAY better than most Japanese games.

MNGamer-N1747d ago

I actually prefer the Japanese artstyle. And whomever I decide to marry in X, is going to be a hot b*tch

3-4-51747d ago

* Dude it's obvious your just hating because it "competes" in the same category as FF15.

It's like a pre-defense...defense...

We see through you. Like a glass onion.

It's ok for there to be games on other systems that are good.

Your PS4 will be ok.

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chadboban1747d ago

Posting my first comment in over 4 months to say that this looks freaking amazing! I'm absolutely floored by this game!

mshope101747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

It wouldn't be a great wiiu exclusive without somebody crying about something.

mshope101747d ago

I'm sorry if you watched this whole video and thought man I'm not into this game because of the character model art I might start thinking about a new hobby

If I'm been an a-hole I for real I'm very sorry but I just can't help but feel it this was on Xbox and playstation exactly that way it is now people would be going nuts for it.

If I'm wrong I'm sorry.

BiggerBoss1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

If the game was on X1 or Ps4, the character models would still be ugly. People arent complaining about them just because the games a Nintendo exclusive, theyre just ugly. Its not a big issue, but it does detract from an otherwise gorgeous game

MeteorPanda1747d ago

dude one is saying anything about the console...the characters faces look like dogsh!t, it's not a graphics thing, it's a modeling and artstyle thing. Look at the big dude explaining...he looks like they tried to make mass effects Shepard..

And why are you sorry?? Is it your game? Holy hell.

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The story is too old to be commented.