Star Wars: Battlefront - Upcoming Trailer Will Pack In-Engine Visuals, Lightsabers Semi-Confirmed

DSOGaming writes: "Star Wars Battlefront will be officially unveiled in a week, and today we’ve got some pretty cool stuff for those interested in it."

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trywizardo1747d ago

with Lightsaber on the Dev screen I'm sure that's not just for show :v

Crazyglues1747d ago

OMG! I'm so pumped to see this, It sounds like the game is going to be awesome..

April 18th we will know for sure, glad it will have actual game play.. can't wait.

Highlife1747d ago

In engine is nice but I want to see actual gameplay.

poppinslops1747d ago

Not just any lightsaber... a RED lightsaber.

I hereby declare that Darth Poppinslops will be renowned for his over-the-top campaign against the denizens of Endor's moon... shifty little Ewoks won't know what hit 'em.

tonytough1747d ago

This made me literally lol. The idea of your name with Darth in front of it is a riot btw.

The_Sage1747d ago

That's freakin hilarious. LMAO.

MasterCornholio1747d ago

A Taxidermist can turn an Ewok into an adorable teddy bear.

See there is a way to profit from them.

SpaceRanger1747d ago

Yeah no way is it for show. One way or another, there will be lightsabers, which without a doubt is wanted by fans of the game lol

From the looks of it, it sounds like minds will be truly blown with the release of the trailer. I can definitely see it getting a lot of news and attention from old and new young star wars fans. Other FPS will definitely have to up their game if all this talk of Battlefront turns out to be true.

There's not much else that can really compete with the fanbase of Star Wars, besides maybe Star Trek. So with BO3, Halo, STB and others, this year will really be a battle between all FPS games!

Trekster_Gamer1747d ago

I really think there is no battle. There are far and away enough players who will buy their favorite FPS or all of them this holiday.

Halo 5 and Star Wars Battlefront will make me extremely happy this Holiday season..

I am really looking forward to seeing game play for both of these games.

BallsEye1747d ago

in-engine so don't get hyped people. Can't wait to see how battlefield mechanics will work with star wars!

3-4-51747d ago

* New Star Wars Movie + New Star Wars Game in the same year.

Each could make the other one a better experience.

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BlackPhillip6661747d ago

So badly want the lightsaber but backstabbing with it is gonna be an issue :D

Example audio

Earphones on if you can hear a fool sneaking up with this then :D you deserve to die.

WeirdShroom1747d ago

I suck at battlefield games more than any other fps...but I will get this. It's Star Wars, the universe has room for a trooper that can't shoot for shit.

Ninver1747d ago

And somehow that trooper keeps living to fight another day.

Spinal1747d ago

Hahaha and I will be honoured to dismantle you with my lightsaber 😊

isa_scout1747d ago

Name a stormtrooper that can shoot... I think you'll be right at

_-EDMIX-_1747d ago

lol how? its one of the few game series where you don't really need to be a great shooter to actually play well at it.

Many times I just lean back an support, give ammo, health, revive, spot for people etc. You'll be surprised how well you can help a team in BF just by sitting back and playing a very, very deep support role.

Many times, I rarely seek to kill as much as I'm defending myself from murder lol.

I'm very excited for this game as DICE is an amazing team to work on it.

Immorals1747d ago

Just make sure you duck through doorways!

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Dark111747d ago

On not in-engine BS again .. I WANT GAMEPLAY.

Haru1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

In-engine is BS because it can be built in-engine but running on a super computer for all we know

Pandamobile1747d ago

There will be game-play. They're not going unveil it at the Star Wars even and not show a bit of gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.