Donna Burke Supporting Kojima and Claimed He Expected to Leave Konami After MGS5 is True

Donna Burke has just posted another statement via her facebook & twitter to support Kojima and his team after the 'fired' news she tweets today. In the statement, she has confirmed the post from Gamespot says 'Kojima Expected to Leave Konami After MGS5' is true.

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SidebarTalk1748d ago

This shit has got to stop. Donna Burke is not a goddamn Konami insider/Kojima spokeswoman and this is embarrassing that it's all over n4g. For all we know she's got a new album dropping next week and she wants to generate as much attention as possible beforehand. Until I hear from the man himself or Konami directly, I say ignore further social media "news" from this particular source.

DarkOcelet1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I am pretty sure there are signs all over the place that Kojima is indeed leaving Konami and for all we know, she could have heard it from someone inside Konami.

And whatever Kojima will do next will be gold. Cant say the same about Konami. Its their loss.

And one more thing, i would get her album in heartbeat. She beats all those mainstream singers. She is awesome.

Crimzon1747d ago

Why would you trust what Konami has to say on the matter?

Persistantthug1747d ago

I would think she would be very credible. I mean, she's closer to all of the proverbial action than any of us are, right?

umair_s511747d ago

I don't find this one bit embarrassing, yet there are countless other news stories and articles published on this website daily that I find embarrassing.

DarXyde1747d ago

I think Donna Burke is perhaps the ONLY person who's going to comment on this right now. Kojima very likely will not/cannot and Konami will, of course, rationalize whatever they have planned for Kojima's departure. This would play out like Itagaki/Tecmo Koei, which I'm still not entirely sure who to believe on that. I don't think Burke's paychecks are affected by this and may be the only person who will offer any insight on this. I believe her.

Enigma_20991747d ago

All they have to do is come forward, and prove it to be false. The fact that no one at Konami is even attempting to set the record straight is kinda telling. And until they or kojima do, this is what's gonna happen.

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stuna11748d ago

The more I read up on this, the more it's starts to sound like 1) A substantial amount of money has changed hands! 2) The affairs concerning the Metal Gear franchise has agreeably been put into Konami hands by Kojima himself! And 3) This is a attempts by Kojima himself to distance himself from Metal Gear franchise to move on to other projects.

I think I recall like 1 maybe 2 years ago of Kojima saying he wanted to end the series, which in my opinion is why he was only pretty much a consultant on the Metal Gear Rising game. Sounds to me like he was ready to call it quits, but Konami wanted a more frequent amount of titles from him.

In the end I think some type of agreement has been reached where he has opted not to speak about.

caseh1747d ago

"In the end I think some type of agreement has been reached where he has opted not to speak about."

Non-disclosure contract clause I imagine. You don't want ex-employees potentially tainting future releases or the company image as a whole.

wannabe gamer1747d ago

he has said he wants to end the series after each and every installment he has created. seriously look it up there are quotes after every single game of him saying the same stuff.

Cernunnos1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

MGS2 was supposed to be named MGSIII and was meant to be the last MGS game, go figure.

Retroman1747d ago

anyone ever thought Kojima just Might be burnout making Metal Gear Rising games ?? and want to move on, with FULL control of His vision an ldeal games he want to create.

wannabe gamer1746d ago

hmm sure about that?

boodi1747d ago

i agree kojima wants to move from MGS , but the thing makes me sad as I love the franchise better then any other series

Cernunnos1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

It was going to end with MGS4 anyways. All good things must come to an end at some point. Just sad he wont be making the remakes.

PoSTedUP1747d ago

ill wait 'till i hear from kojima. none of this is worth my time until otherwise.

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