Arma 3: Marksmen Review | PCGamer

Bohemia Interactive is upping the stakes with each new update. What began with Arma 3’s quirky but basically inoffensive go-Kart DLC and grew into an overhaul of Arma’s flight physics model has now hit the big-time. Arma 3’s third DLC, Marksmen, is by far its most ambitious, rebuilding the ballistics, sound, and weapons handling. The boots-on-the-ground experience for Arma players has been vastly improved—and almost all of it is free for everyone.

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ThunderPulse1748d ago

DLC like this should be free or cost under $5, hell most mods add more content than this.

ikarodemon1748d ago

You got this game?

I ask to you because i have this game and dlc and think the content is amazing.

ThunderPulse1748d ago

Learn to write ENGLISH sentences.