Wiimote attacks TV for massive damage!

Looks like someone ate their Wheaties before playing some Wii Sports.

"It did indeed end up stuck in the hole. Tyler is right handed but usually bowls putting a clockwise spin on the wiimote, this time he put a counterclockwise spin on it… lesson learned? Stick with what works in the first place! The great part is we pulled it out, laughed some more, replaced the batteries and backplate then continued to play (only in a milder manner this time around). We're trying to figure out how to make a comfortable/stronger strap right now."

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Syko4361d ago

*Note to self general public can not handle alien technology such as a Wiimote unless in a padded room.* I love these story they just never stop News4gamers is gonna make a special section for these stories. Wii=HILARIOUS OUTTAKES!

PS360WII4360d ago

any news is good news. It's like it sells itself. People will read this and won't believe it and say 'I got to try this out and see if I really would let go'

Nodoze4360d ago

Buying a wii 249
Being proud of the savings when comparing this to the 360 and or PS3

Throwing your controller through the TV and realizing you need a new one.....PRICELESS!!

What I wouldn't give to see the video of this one.

joemutt4360d ago

Even if you were trying to break it, I just dont see it breaking through a TV.

I mean, how hard are these guys swinging??

wulfgar884360d ago

this looks like a photoshop job to me...or thats some really really cheap plastic

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The story is too old to be commented.