Project CARS ‘Details’ Trailer Showcases Impeccable Detail At 4K

One Angry Gamer "Chopin’s Nocturne sets the stage for the newest trailer for Project CARS featuring a look at the game’s amazing vehicular detail… all at the supported resolution of 4K. The trailer doesn’t depict a lot of flashy sequences or quick cuts. There’s no pop music to fuel the action or some mean takeovers happening around a sharp bend while rain and lightening pelt the track like gun fire on a slamming against an immovable object. Nope. Instead, the trailer is a celebration of Slightly Mad Studios’ impeccable attention paid to detail in recreating some of the road beasts that star in Project CARS."

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DarkOcelet1754d ago

@ 0:52 The interiors looks like crap. It looks like its pasted and have low textures. I really hope they fix that. Also the driver looks so low polygon that it breaks the immersion completely. The environments and exteriors looks great but they seriously need to works on those interiors.

WilliamUsher1754d ago

Were you watching in 4K? Because in 4K the interiors look great.

KiwiViper851754d ago

I think they look great @1080 too.

Femto1754d ago

the interiors look great to me, and i bet in different lighting situations they would look even better

starchild1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Wow, talk about nitpicking. You must have watched a different video. This footage looked very impressive.

kraenk121754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Excuse me?!!! Man some people really lost their grip to reality these days.

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dreadz741754d ago

Wow this looks so crisp in 4k !!!

hennessey861754d ago

My PC won't run in 4k, it will have to be 1080p ultra settings for me

Wonderful1011754d ago

My dumb Mac can't even run the video in 4k. Time to throw it in the trash.

chrissx1754d ago

Looks cool but Driveclub is still the best I've seen

submarinna1754d ago

I have to agree with you on that, driveclub looks way better

ONESHOTV21754d ago

the two of you need to get out of you're box. it sounds like you have never played more than one racing game

kraenk121753d ago

I play both and I agree on the environments...Driveclub looks better, by far. The cockpits and cars though....not true!

starchild1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

You guys seem insecure. Why is it that in every article about Project Cars there are fanboys saying "Drive Club looks better"? It just reeks of fanboyism and insecurity.

Obz1754d ago

They are making an observation. Grow up.

spidermann1754d ago

@starchild, u r d biggest hypocrite of them all. When a fanboy calls others fanboys I loose respect for such an individual. So others can't make an observation? Gtfo

Two-Face1754d ago

This is not a Drive Club vs Project Cars article, hence bringing up Drive Club is completely off-topic and irrelevant.

Sure, you may think Drive Club looks better, but you don't need to go on and keep posting that on every Project Cars article. That indeed just reeks of insecurity.

starchild1753d ago


Let's see...whose dupe account are you? Barely joined and you think you know anything about me?

No, I'm not the biggest hypocrite. I didn't say I'm perfect, but you don't have to be perfect to call out blatant fanboyism when you see it. Lots of people can see it and that is why they are getting so many disagrees(not because people necessarily disagree with the statement itself).

If you can't see that their comments were completely out of place and fueled by fanboyism it's probably because you share their fanaticism.

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Thefreeman0121754d ago

Who the hell cares project cars will blow driveclub away with features and gameplay. Like starchild said, ps4 fanboys are really insecure.

PrinceOfAnger1754d ago

60 fps 4k vs 30 fps 1080p {:

herbs1753d ago

Pathetic Pony boys always invading Project Cars discussions with there delusional opinions. DriveClub is a beautiful looking game for sure but it runs at half the frame rate with very basic physics in comparison. The focus of that game is graphics over gameplay great for marketing, screen shots and amateur gamers that don't understand much about game design. That is the reality.

AndrewLB1753d ago

And the only reason why the screenshots of DriveClub look so good is entirely due to photo-mode. Actual gameplay doesn't look anything like it.


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spidermann1754d ago

Lol tru3_gam3r wat kind of a funny name is that

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