Official Xbox YouTube channel Uploads Suspicious Gears Of War Video

Could it be? Could it be possible? What does this mean?
Xbox YouTube uploads a video containing footage from Gears of War 3 Midnight Launches.

Does this mean that we can actually get excited for an announcement at E3 for Gears of War 3 for the Xbox One?

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lifeisgamesok1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Gears 3 remaster on its way :)

Or a collection of some sorts still and then next year the undisputed champ of online multiplayer (Horde mode/Deathmatch) returns with Gears of War 4 :D

nicksetzer11750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Gears 3 only, i will not be buying, unless it is $20. Full collection of 1-3 and i will buy it quicker than they can put it on the shelves.

Don't get me wrong, i LOVE gears 3, just not interested in payinv full price for one remastered game.

ChrisChambers1750d ago

I don't think they'd charge full price for one game. They set the bar for pricing with MCC, wouldn't make sense to get greedy on the pricing front

Crimzon1750d ago

I'd really love to see a Gears of War Collection come to PC as well. They put the first Gears of War on PC but it was ruined with Games for Windows Live. If they put out a collection on Steam it would probably be really successful, and I can't see a remastered collection of a few games from the last console generation hurting Xbox One sales if it came to PC. It would be a win/win for Microsoft.

mhunterjr1750d ago

I guess the MCC raised the bar for folks. Up until that point, it seemed like folks were willing to pay full price for remasters of single games...

headblackman1750d ago

im a huge halo and gears fan and ive gotta agree with you 100% on that stance. i wouldn't buy either if it wasn't ever gears game on one disc or 20 bucks for one. every game would have to have a true remastered design to it like the halo master chief collection as well. that 1080p 60fps crap wont cut it. a redesign from the ground up is the only way with the inclusion of 1080p 60fps and all of the map packs included for every gears game.

1750d ago
tuglu_pati1750d ago

From Article:

"This has really reinvigorated my hopes and wishes to experience this amazing game on the Xbox One in all its 1080p, 60FPS"

I doubt it would be 1080p/60FPS with the high end graphics GeoW is known for. Probably 1080/30fps or 900p/60fps.

gangsta_red1750d ago

I love Gears 3 too, but I want a collection.

All Maps from 1,2 and 3. All Modes and all skins.

If they can give a remastered Gears 3 with every map from 1 and 2, plus all modes and all DLC included then I might get behind this.

The multiplayer is where Gears shines so I would like for MS to go all out with the remaster.

ctmaudi1750d ago

UE games are very easy to run on low end PC hardware. 1080/60 shouldn't be an issue unless they are able to do a full UE4 upgrade, which doesn't seem likely.


GTA V is one of the best sold games on both PS4 and XB1, it's a remaster of a single game released at full price... What I'm saying here is that there's no bar set out there for remasters, it's all decided on a game to game basis.

If Epic/MS believe they can make a profit from a single Gears remastered at full price, they will do it. If they feel like a smaller price or a collection are better businesses, they'll do either instead.

Personally I don't see 60 bucks worth on a Gears 3 remaster, so I would say they would more likely make a collection to raise hype towards a new title (much like they did with Halo and many are supposing Sony will do with Uncharted), but this things can't be settled on disorganized opinions or anedoctal evidence throw at internet forum boards alone, companies have market research departments exactly for that and they'll know which way to follow.

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d_g1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

i don’t want Gears 3 remaster :(

i want Collection or if thay will remaster one game it will be Gears of War 1

Septic1750d ago

Yeah I'd only really buy this if its a collection. The MP is wicked in Gears 3 so that's a strong point. Story was best in the first. Second was a bit blegh minus horde mode.

Magicite1750d ago

Well, theres not much left to remaster of X360 exclusives, so its an obvious one.

BallsEye1750d ago

Gears is one of the best franchises in gaming history. It delivers on all fronts. Great and dynamic gameplay, great stroy, great multiplayer, hell even campaign can be played split-screen 2 players or 4 players online. Just like Halo, can't beat it. That's what console gaming is about!

DougLord1750d ago

I am an Xone owner and a moderate Gears fan. To my recollection I have not played Gears 3. I have 0 desire to buy a Gears 3 remaster for anything more then $20. I would pay $60 for a Gears collection remastered. Remastering games from last gen and charging full price is the worst trend in gaming - looking at you GTA 5 and TLOU.

JWiLL5521750d ago

You mean the two best remasters so far?

Bought both and they were well worth it. Some people aren't cheap and like to support their favourite developers.

1750d ago
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KiwiViper851750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Oh shit! Here we go.

tgunzz1750d ago

Holy cheese and crackers!!! I need to dust off my lancer. It's going to be a mad, mad world...

MLGswag1750d ago

We're definitely getting a Gears remastered or trilogy this year along with the uncharted collection for the PS4.

evilkillerk1750d ago

The Marcus Fenix Collection coming soon

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