Nintendo customer service blames retailers for Amiibo shortages

A Nintendo customer service representative placed the blame on retailers for amiibo shortages in an inquiry from a customer.

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SidebarTalk1745d ago

It's hard, because, obviously Nintendo is at least partially to blame due to their decision to do retail-specific distribution. On the other hand, I don't entirely believe that some stores wouldn't purposely short their own stock in order to create a frenzy around sales.

Oh, and their own workers poaching stock to clean up on eBay, of course.

jc485731745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Retailers are the real reasons scalpers exist and they may as well be the scalpers themselves.

LordMaim1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Really? You really think that these stores were able to get as much of these amiibos as they asked for? Retailers WANT to sell goods, so they order enough to meet demand. The problem is that retailers don't get as much stock as they want, because the distributors don't get as much stock as they order from the manufacturer, and the manufacturers get their marching orders from Nintendo.

Amiibos are highly allocated, and Nintendo's artificially keeping the supply tight to drive demand. They've done this for years, all the way back to the first Pokemon gameboy game.

Dunban671744d ago

jc48573 your statement could not be farther from the truth- retailers do not like empty shelves AT ALL- they want to have the product and stock to meet the demand and to bring customers in the store as well as coming back

If you read the actual exchange between the Nintendo rep and customer you will see they did not actually answer the customers questions- (aka they dodged the question)-

Do you think all these retailers world wide suddenly forgot how to operate their business and screwed up on just Nintendo s Amiibo? Of course you do otherwise you may have to acknowledge the reality that Nintendo is short supplying the market with various amiibo s-

CarlosX3601744d ago

Lord Maim, look: Some employees want to buy stuff customers want. So, they queue up the amiibos. On the flip coin, retailers should know better to ORDER the amount that the demand would be. I.E. 500 customers want x amiibos, and x amiibos, then the manufacturers send these amiibos to retailer x. Manufacturers like Nintendo have NO problem fullfilling these requests. Seriously. The customer service comments reads like "We don't have a problem with fullfilling these requests, the problem is that retailers are trying to give perception that there's a shortage of amiibos." That's how I read it, anyway. I was just at Best Buy the other day, and I saw a BUNCH of amiibos on display.

Realplaya1743d ago

@ Dunban you obviously know nothing about how retail works.

Retailers place a order with the manufacturer and they fulfill the shipment. In this situation the retailers didn't expect the product to ship as many units so they under ordered. Why is it always so covenant to always go after Nintendo?

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rainslacker1744d ago

I found Nintendo made a great collectible item with Amibos, but I knew this kind of stuff was going to happen. The fact they're collectible, and usable within popular games, means that demand was going to be high.

I know retail can hold back stock at times to induce a frenzy, but that point has passed when they sell off the shelves within a day of being shipped to a store. Distribution centers aren't holding back millions of Amiibo figures to create a frenzy. That's a ton of revenue and most retail stores end of years are in March, so this shouldn't be going on right now...particularly since retailers will want to get rid of as much as possible before EOY to avoid paying taxes on merchandise.

Anyhow, I decided to skip Amiibos because while I would love to collect them, I knew it was going to be a pain in the ass to try and have a complete collection. I was right on the money.

On a side note, Nintendo has found an way to get people to overpay for locked game content. What happened to complaining about these practices?

KimikoGaming1744d ago

I don't think it is the retailers fault. If it was, then only a couple select retailers would have shortages. But when every single retailer that sells amiibos have major shortages, it is more on Nintendo's hands.

jholden32491744d ago

It's neither.

It's over hype. WE are the problem. You see Mario and Zelda and Link amiibos everywhere. No shortage in sight there. In fact, retailers are slapping orange clearance stickers on them in many cases.

It's the fact that collectors (who already buy 2 of each- one to open one to keep sealed) get hysterical and order 3 or 4, because they want something to "barter and trade" with above and beyond the 2 they were already buying for themselves. Why? They're worries they will miss out on another amiibo, so they buy up as many of what they can to trade for what they can't. Add scalpers into the equation and your stock levels that WERE enough to satiate demand are now cut by 3/4.

THATS the problem. There's only so many of these things you can feasibly manufacture each month, but the more popular characters (the ones people don't get hysterical over and buy 4 of) are readily available. Proof that stock levels are just fine until hysterical consumers buy 4x as many of each character as they should be.

wonderfulmonkeyman1744d ago

Nintendo should just make Amiibo's available through their website, then limit purchases to 3 of the same Amiibo's (not counting color variations, as in the Yarn Yoshi's) per credit/debit card.
That way stock is plentiful yet controlled and everyone can find them.

GordonKnight1744d ago

I've tried multiple time. Then I see Nintendo of Europe start selling Abiibos with limit one per customer. So, I call Nintendo again and tell them Europe is selling them on the Nintendo website. Their answer was we don't know why Nintendo of America doesn't want to sell them online, maybe because their online retail department is small.

JBlaze2261744d ago

Totally agree but limit should be 2

RosweeSon1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Well most of the sites I use are 1 per customer still doesn't seem to make a difference bit of a pain for myself trying to collect a complete unused set and pretty much a second opened set but why would you need 3 unless to scalp, it's these multiple orders that then cause the retailers to cancel their orders a week before release date due to over pre ordering the items. Until they know exact stock levels they shouldn't do it.

Starbucks_Fan1744d ago

More retailers should not allow multiple orders of an amiibo

A lot of people on r/amiibo bought more than 1 Jigglypuff so they could trade/sell one

mnitroy1744d ago

:( and this is why I failed to get to pre-order one. I agree with 1 per person.

JBlaze2261744d ago

Nintendo should start selling it in their website then having it in retailers and these retailer exclusive is a terrible idea

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