17 Things Gamers Should Stop Complaining About

In my experience, gamers are some of the most intelligent, thoughtful people on the planet -- yet there also the most competitive and passionate (in not so good ways).

Here are 17 things gamers should just get over, and move on towards more positive conversations that could (actually) help move the gaming industry forward.

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Godmars2901754d ago

#18: Top Ten List on a single page, with one to three sentences in a paragraph, that reloads and reset positions.

(And no, not going to stop complaining about that.)

Aloy-Boyfriend1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

how 'bout:

- Remasters
- Second Party exclusives
- TLOU success; 10/10 scores

WeAreLegion1754d ago

One complaint per page? Did you honestly think we were going to read through that crap?

TXIDarkAvenger1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

#1 Free To Play Games Not Being Free to Play

"Sure, it's disheartening how quickly (and sometimes subtly) the free to play model can turn into pay to win". Clearly there is a valid reason to complain.