Xbox 360 vs PS3 - Graphics Comparison

As expected the PlayStation 3 to ship with several games that first appeared on the Xbox 360, similar to how the Xbox 360 had a lot of Xbox ports at launch. And the PS3 did indeed arrive with a good number of games that originally shipped for the Xbox 360. This gave Gamespot the perfect opportunity to compare the graphics on both systems with several cross-platform games. You'd think that the PS3 versions would be exactly the same or slightly superior to the Xbox 360 versions, since many of these games appeared on the 360 months ago, but it seems like developers didn't use the extra time to polish up the graphics for the PS3. They found that the Xbox 360 actually had better graphics in the majority of the games we compared.

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marcusfenix6399d ago

PS3 got PWNED!!! Its getting PWNEd in sales to and so is poo-ray. I am glad I ahve a 360!!!

rj816399d ago

Fight Night Round 3 was one of the first games to really show off the Xbox 360's graphics power with fantastic lighting and incredibly detailed player models. The PS3 still has great looking player models but the crowds are less detailed and the lighting effects are definitely inferior. If the graphical losses weren't enough, the PlayStation 3 version takes almost twice as long as its 360 counterpart to load into the menu screen, and a third longer to load a quickplay.

specialguest6399d ago (Edited 6399d ago )

honestly, i seriously don't see a difference aside from being darker and lighter. in some games, there's not even a darker or lighter difference. contrast differences is not an advantage, because anyone can adjust that on their tv.

marcusfenix6399d ago (Edited 6399d ago )

Ok THP8 had high res texures on the 360 version and low res on PS3 version. And lighting is an advantage in COD3, the 360 version looks more realistic, like a war documentary. Beside contrast wouldn't help the PS3 version when it lacks the shadows and HDR the 360 is capable of, I don't know about you but Madden on the 360 simply kills the PS3 version. Pretty sad really, $500-$600 wasted on an inferior machine.

Also on FNR3 better lighting on the 360 version, and no contrast wouldn't help that either. They tested these on the same TV with the same setup color wise. The 360 games are richer and better looking, and that is the truth. All games look better on the 360, even ones that had almost a year extra to polish and make load times better(FNR3). But you didn't get that because the PS3 is underpowered

MicroGamer6399d ago

the mouse over feature to do the comparison. It works a lot better than trying to compare side by side images. WHAT THE CELL IS GOING ON!!!!!