Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Inadvertently Leaked by Event Caterer

While we have known for some time that a new Tony Hawk's skating game is in the works, an event caterer may have inadvertently leaked its title on photo sharing website Instagram.

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Snookies121745d ago

Man, if it goes back to the Pro Skater 1-3 days... I'll be so freaking happy.

Cra2yey31745d ago

Even THUG 3 would be awesome

Crimzon1745d ago

Yeah. The more ridiculous and arcadey it is, the better. I loved stringing together the most absurdly long combos around levels. I really hope that a new SSX game gets made as well, which it should given that the last one in 2012 was apparently very successful for EA.

I'd love to see a resurgence in fun non-realistic games like this. Bring back Tony Hawk, SSX, Burnout etc.

3-4-51744d ago

I'd like to see Tony Hawk 5 become more like the SKATE series.

* When Tony Hawk was introduced to us, vert was still "in", which led to the gameplay style.

* It's been all street for the past 10 years so I'd like to see that represented correctly in this game.

TXIDarkAvenger1744d ago

Nah I like the craziness of Tony Hawk games. If anything, the downfall of Tony Hawk games was when they tried to be Skate.

KiwiViper851745d ago

Is Tony Hawk still relevant?

I'd much prefer a Rob Dyrdek Skateboard game.

Can someone with a twitter machine ask him why he hasn't made one yet? Just put the idea in his head, It'll happen...

Cra2yey31745d ago

That game would be a joke...

KiwiViper851745d ago

Yep, that's how he rolls.

RustyShackleford1745d ago

It'd certainly fit Rob's style of ripping off someone else's gig.

deadpoolio3161745d ago

Im sorry but Rob Dyrdek is even more irrelevant that Tony Hawk...The only people that even give a crap about him anymore are the 15 year olds that still watch his trash garbage shows on MTV...Whats next they should use Bam Margera

annus1744d ago

"Rob Dyrdek Skateboard game"

Possibly one of the funniest things I've ever read on N4G.

1744d ago
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KryptoniteTail1745d ago

THPS 4 was the pinnacle of the series. If they can do it like that I'm in.

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The story is too old to be commented.