Warlocks vs. Shadows Coming to Xbox One

If you're an avid Steam gamer, you're surely used to playing a lot of games before they're even mentioned for consoles. This generation has made publishing easier though, and with that we've seen a lot more of these would-be PC exclusives coming over to the Xbox brand. The latest of these titles is the retro-stylized pixelated action-RPG Warlocks vs. Shadows.

The game offers single player or up to four player co-op gameplay, both local and online. It also boasts many of the genre staples gamers would expect like procedurally generated loot, a variety of character classes, and epic boss battles. If you're less coorperative and more competitive you can also engage in 1v1 or 2v2 game modes with up to three other human players. The trailer below is weeks old but was used for Steam gamers. Now that it's coming to Xbox, we think that you may want to see it as well.

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