Xbox 360 Gets 2TB Hard Drive Support For Preview Program Users

Xbox 360 Preview Program users will have access to an update soon which will allow 2TB hard drive support on their Xbox 360 consoles.

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RosweeSon2363d ago

Save your money and go next Gen just finish up what youve currently got and paid for and move along ;) xbox 360 was a fantastic console, all great things come to an end tho. It has been out for over 10 years now.

Everlastingfate2363d ago

Agreed. Console is dead. Time to upgrade.

The last gen is holding back the current gen with multiplatform games.Time to start developing for only the current gen.

Shineon2363d ago

No the GPU and Cpu is holding back the current gen ps4 and x1 are not massive improvements over last gen consoles especially since games are struggling to hit 1080P

Everlastingfate2363d ago

And again with this old argument. PS4 exclusive games can hit 1080 without issue. XBox One can hit 900-1080 which is respectable. However, developers are making games that run on the weakest system and then adding a little polish to the current gen versions. So of course the graphics suffer.

I'll also remind you, since you probably only recently upgraded to the last gen, that when 360 and PS3 came out it was the same story. The first years were closer PS2 and Xbox graphics than they are today. Graphics always improve throughout the life of the system.

Pogmathoin2363d ago

Should keep it for the free games with gold.... Some gems still to be played....

UmbrellaBlimp2363d ago

It turns 10 years old this November....

Jag-T10002363d ago

Move on just because you say so? The 360 still has a lot of life in it. You can have both. Did you ever think about that? I'll hang on to it just for the free games.

Volkama2363d ago

They don't seem to be in any hurry to drop it. And why would they be? Money is money, whether it comes from a 360 user or a One user.

Personally I think they're going to position it as a rival to PS TV and Amazon Firebox. Including the ability to stream games from an Xbox One.

SegaGamer2363d ago

Then go and buy me and Xbox One and PS4 then. Not all of us can just spend money when we feel like it.

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keegamer802363d ago

Not up to ten years yet. Got to be my favorite console so far!

MasterBaker2363d ago

It really is my favorite too. i still use it to play games that I get with GWG and some other games.

I miss the good old days of gaming on my 360 :/

2363d ago
UmbrellaBlimp2363d ago

I love my Xbox One but my 360 is still frequently used in my household and gets new games every few months from GWG or seasonal sales. 320 gig hard drive that is down to 2 and half gigs.....

BattleAxe2363d ago

I've been thinking about re-purchasing an Xbox 360, just for some of the games that you can't download anywhere else like The Darkness 1, Battlefield Bad Company 1, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1(the PC version was terrible and not the same), Gear of War 1, 2 and Judgement, and Halo Reach, just to name only some of the games I'd like to have access too.

Femto2363d ago

PS3 supported that years ago

GenuineGamer2363d ago

um no it didn't and still doesn't. I think you are getting it mixed up with reading and playing files like movies off external hard drives.

This update allows games and content to be stored on external drives. 360 could do this already with a usb flash up to 32gb but now its expanded to 2tb external drives.

Femto2363d ago

OHHH EXTERNAL HDD, i take back what i said, i thought they were talking about the harddrive inside.

my mistake

GenuineGamer2363d ago


Fair enough we all make mistakes sometimes :)

demonofelru2363d ago

The ps3 doesn't support a 2tb internal drive either. I tried with the Samsung 2tb one when it didn't work I found out it maxes at 1tb.

Femto2363d ago

it must be a problem with your drive be because 2tb internal drives do work

this one her works

deadpoolio3162363d ago

That has to be an issue with your system or the HDD then...I definitely have a 2tb drive in my PS3 2tb is for sure the max

demonofelru2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

No it doesn't that is the same drive I have. If you looked in the question and answer section of the link you linked you will see that others have the same experience.

It may be able to be fixed in a firmware update but like I said as of now you are incorrect PS3 does not support a 2TB internal HDD, no less years ago.

Link to amazon questions: s-beentested/forum/Fx3NWXLV6FW2 S2J/TxO0WRI5IHGL18/1/ref=cm_cd_ naredir?_encoding=UTF8&asin =B00I8O6OQ4&cdItems=25& store=generic

Edit: couldn't add link since I'm new but just add the www

Edit 2: Even with that it seems that link adds spaces or something so messes things up, either way like I said it's in the questions section.

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