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chrismichaels041746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Every major Sony first party studio is working on either big franchise sequels or brand new IP's. E3, Gamescon and Tokyo Game Show are all going to be very interesting shows for Sony this year.

We already have new IP's from Evolution, Sony Japan Studios and even a 3rd party exclusive from Ready at Dawn.

Then we have Guerilla, Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, Sony Bend and 3rd party studio Quantic Dream all working on brand new exclusive IP's.

And lets not forget, we also have Naughty Dog working on Uncharted 4. Sony Santa Monica is teasing a possible God of War 4 and Polyphony Digital is already working on Gran Turismo 7.

Aloy-Boyfriend1746d ago

I like how Sony has stayed silent about what's gonna happen at E3. No hype or any announcemnt. That should keep people's expectations low and impress them with something they didn't see coming. I'm very excited to know what is that long-waited game that started production.

SpaceRanger1746d ago

Agreed. I like the fact that they're actually surprises instead of constantly talking about promises for the distant future. The playstation event back in December delivered all the hype in a nice presentation for its gamers.

And side surprises from E3 like the Battlefield Hardline Alpha, and P.T. (Which in my opinion was one of the best surprises from E3) were great as well!

MasterCornholio1746d ago

I think it's smart of them to not hype up their conferences or promise a ton of new things. Its much better to keep peoples expectations low than the other way around.

Just look what low expectations did to their E3 and Playstation experience events. The crowd went nuts at those events because they blew everyone away with them.

Jdoki1746d ago

Keeping quiet is a great idea.

I bet Sony are really checking the status of every project they have cooking - a repeat of Driveclub and The Order delays can't happen again.

It's going to be an exciting E3

Iceball20001746d ago

Don't forget ND has two teams so there also working on a TLoU sequel or a new IP, or a sequel to one of there other games.

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Insomnia_841746d ago

I would really like a new Motorstorm.

Jdoki1746d ago

It's intriguing because Sony has been so silent on what their 1st party devs are doing.

We know barely anything about the next Guerilla game. Hardly a clue what the 2nd team in Naughty Dog is up to. So many unknowns!

I hope this E3 is where they really show some good stuff that is close to launch!

fOrlOnhOpe571746d ago

The no-hype approach works for me. When it gets out of control, it can be really counter-productive. Destiny springs to mind - and yes I have sunk hundreds of hours into the grind.
Similarly, it's all quiet on the Morpheus front. Should be a more than interesting E3 this year.