Xbox 360 Sales May Exceed Microsoft's 10M Forecast

Peter Moore said in an interview with Bloomberg that sales of the Xbox 360 video game system may exceed the company's forecast to sell 10 million units by the end of the year. When asked if Microsoft is likely to beat its forecast, Moore replied: "Yes. All indications are that we came off a very strong Thanksgiving holiday.''

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marcusfenix4359d ago

Sony Fan-boys! Man blu-ray and the ps3 are performing miserably meanwhile the HD-DVD addon is selling out and they are going to sell more than 10,000,000 by years end.

MicroGamer4359d ago

I bought the 360 and the HD-DVD unit. More of the looky-loos need to climb down off the fence and see what a better deal the 360 is.

Capt CHAOS4358d ago

I've got two of the buggers.. :->

zonetrooper54359d ago

I see no need in buying the HD-DVD add on at them moment even though i would like HD-DVD to win. I'm gonna use my Xbox 360 for games first and movies second.

MicroGamer4359d ago

just for playing movies, both HD and regular DVD. A movie disc will never see the inside of my 360.

THAMMER14359d ago

Are we looking at how HD DVD drives are made? I hope they did not leave a stain.

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The story is too old to be commented.